How booze makes you fat


A moment of hypocrisy on sometimes I miss a workout because the day before drinking. Moreover, I know that one Buster is a minimum of three training sessions that went down the drain. But still I like to drink sometimes with friends, although I do it much less frequently than when I was in University.

Moderate consumption of alcohol, and moderate consumption of all that does not kill us immediately, but gives us some time, does not have sufficient damage for you. Some types of alcohol in moderation is useful, although researchers are still at a loss.

There are measured and confirmed by experienced in the ways of dose consumption of alcoholic beverages depending on age and body mass, but still a huge amount of bro are guided by the norms of alcohol consumption on their inner feelings. They don’t understand what all the medical standards they are alcoholics zero or first stage who have developed some tolerance to alcohol. However, that’s another story. In addition, we try to cram into one category of nondrinkers and those who quit drinking. And these are two completely different categories.

The study, published in the American journal of sports medicine in 2005, showed that red wine is good for heart in some quantities. But the problem is that researchers have expressed doubts about this. Simply put, we can say with confidence that they are not 100 percent confident. Also, do not forget that for the heart with absolute probability useful exercise.

The effect of alcohol on training

When booze comes to training, there it ceases to be your friend. Have you ever tried to go to the gym with a hangover? And when you’re without a hangover but slept 4 hours? Try it!

According to the journal, alcohol decreases athletic performance because it «adversely affects energy supply and impairs the metabolic processes during exercise». Chronic alcohol consumption leads to atrophy of muscle fibers, which, I agree, too bad.

Calories-calories! Oh, those calories!

A few words about calories, man. We have recently had a great article over which I, as author, had decent to sit. This article is about how much you have to work on different workouts to burn the number of calories in different small pleasures of type of cake, biscuits and packets of nuts. Here is the article. With it you can make a very unpleasant thing: it turns out to work for a measly cookie, you need to work hard, not a few moments behind the bar, and 20 minutes. We don’t have so many calories to spend on exercise, and in a small big Mac after a workout calories much more than what we spent. Here is some information about alcohol:

Red or white wine (150 grams) — 120 kcal;

Most of the beer (about 400 ml) — 150 kcal;

Spirits (30ml) — 65 calories;

Most doctors (30 ml) — 100 kcal.

Liquid calories don’t fill us up, but after alcohol is terrible I want to eat, because the body is very surprised that he put a lot of simple sugars, which do not carry a special nutritional value.

Temporary euphoria, bad calories

On the one hand, we are very good, we embrace the courage and euphoria. But in the morning waiting for us, or nausea, or emptiness, or hit with a shovel on the head, which somehow mistakenly called «hangover». It is noticed that in recent years, people began to consume more calories, but it’s not the calories that have a lot of nice things. This unhealthy calories from fatty meat and alcohol. Even high-calorie vegetables and fruits is significantly better in terms of recruitment and loss of mass, so they, along with simple carbohydrates carry a charge of vitamins and minerals.

The trouble with alcohol is that after it’s hard to resist not to eat. We first hold, and then break at the most inopportune moment, because he wants the body.

By the way, awesome stuff, I’ve noticed. People are much easier to give up not to eat meat, to not eat some fruit and raw vegetables than do not eat after six, not to drink alcohol and to go to training. Maybe if you dragged some ideological base under his cast to drink, you’ll be better off. My friend Misha, by the way, I quit drinking when I convinced myself that everyone who drink — shit-people who die before him, and all will be bad with potency. Dude doesn’t drink at all now. Even for the holidays.

How to drink when you began on the path of correction?

1. You go to a party/a party or in a bar. Do you really need? You can not drink and just to see friends or are you more drawn to drink? Drawn to drink? Don’t go! Until you reach such nonsense that I can drink with friends juice or tea, then you won’t get Zen.

2. If there is no driver that will carry all home, go for it. Dear you have a reason not to drink.

3. Good soda or some «Dr. pepper» look like some kind of cocktail. If you drink them from the jar.

4. Make this drink last. Without the Bazaar.

5. Hold your drink. If the party just started, don’t partake of alcohol. Dateci to the middle of the party.

6. Drink plain water between drinks, so you will not be intoxicated and the injury will not be as strong.

7. If the party’s at your house, and something is, ask the people to take to avoid temptation.

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