How Autonomous cars will change car owners

manygoodtips.com_6.06.2016_rFdsEOD5jJqfRNot far off, and the bright era when, somewhere will build the long-awaited communism on Mars to grow trees in Omsk fix the road, and they will only unmanned vehicles. By the way, they already show people at various exhibitions, so this is the future, what we can enjoy, in contrast to the repair of roads. Will poor soulless cars to fall into the pit.

And since this future is approaching, you should prepare for it, figure out how to change the life. And it’s not about what will change Parking, the arrogance of people, the face of Jeremy Clarkson, the use of alcohol and number of sex right in the machines. It’s all predictable. But life changes, new automotive industry carries with it also a change in terms of owning a car. No credits, it is much more difficult.

Full ownership

Today, with the exception of a few current programs, car-share, the vast majority of cars are used by their owners, not General, at least not in a structured way. Even after the widespread introduction of unmanned technologies, direct sales of such top brands as Bentley, Lamborghini and Aston Martin, will not change. On average, these top machines 94% of the time are on holiday and not used, because the conditional Ferarri owners there are at least 5 vehicles, if not more.

For the owner of a luxury car, the main chic is its price, not functionality and convenience. That’s not clear: whether the car is going, or standing still. Even with the introduction of Autonomous driving (as stated by Bentley), a model of behavior probably will not change.

Fractional ownership

Fractional ownership means that you buy shares of car brand and not the car itself. Of course, the number of shares for which you pay, depends on how often you intend to use the plane. It smells of nonsense, isn’t it? But don’t blaspheme the way of condominium, he has a number of advantages. For example, maintenance, refueling, hangar costs, and other delights – all this concern for the brand, not the driver. Thank you aviators. In the world of iron birds, this method is quite common.


Not long ago, Cadillac has stated that they consider a similar system. For a nominal monthly fee every morning, Autonomous Escalade will come to your house and take you to work. And so on, everything is discussed. It’s like the school bus the price of a few organ transplants. Personal driver without the driver.

Thus, it is possible to invest not so much in the car, as in brand. However, do not need to insure the Park or to maintain the car, change parts. But the main thing is the opportunity to use all the fleet marks, even those cars that are without legs and hands of the driver not start. It’s nice because every day to change the car.

On the one hand, tangible advantages, especially because it is cheaper than to keep the car. But on the other – you take the rentals, you don’t own. And the commitment to one brand eventually get bored. However, before these days have to survive and at least save up for those shares.

Car for an hour

manygoodtips.com_6.06.2016_MIffm3SrnCRCtMost still tend to full domination over your car. So BMW and Volvo decided to implement a rather peculiar, but not devoid of common sense, the idea of owning an Autonomous four-wheeled friends. The situation is thus: you buy a car, drive it from home to work and back, but since it’s expensive, the desire to justify the «Horse» comes pretty quickly. That’s why, if you want your «iron horse» was not a moment’s peace, it will be used at a time when you don’t need it, of course, other people. And you can pay to use programs Uber and Lyft. Let the person ride.

It’s like a flat in Sochi, which you use from the power 3 times a year, escaping from Moscow’s hustle and bustle.

It will be the middle ground between the shared property and a complete exchange of the car. Of course, evil people can do all sorts of stupid things in your car, but it kompensiruet were to pocket the coin.

Very mobile autonomy

And now a little about things that are understandable and accessible to most of the population of planet Earth. Tied it and all the most fashionable and modern in our world, mobile app. It is quite simple in its idea, even banal. Its purpose – to inform, where there is a free standalone driver, and along with it, you can order a car (for example, in the case of shared ownership). Rumor has it that the guys with Genenral Motors come to grips with the development of this app to mark the release of their Autonomous Ford.


But in addition to commonplace features, he will have one very peculiar for mobile applications feature – the ability to effortlessly get rid of the piece of iron as he tired. Lonely and abandoned, he goes to base, the driver paid the money, and then in the lonely Ford, like a puppy in the kennel, comes the new owner. Of course, the price is unlikely to be very high, but will disappear darkness with the sale once beloved car. And the automaker gets something like a waste.


We mentioned that Uber will be happy to use the car while her owner works. But forgot to mention that Uber and other services, and any taxi company will use the offline racers. It’s simple: don’t need to spend money on drivers. Leasing rather possible for poor companies.

Passengers with what? Joy. No distracting conversations about the futility of existence, no one complains about the country. In short, no taxista.

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