How and with whom to celebrate 20 years

manygoodtips.com_25.11.2014_NYZvLRvH12UbvDude, if you turn 20 soon, then we can safely congratulate you all editors, because soon, you’ll have a real grown-up life, but you’re young, full of energy and inspiration to the student. We are pleased that in its less than 20 you already hang on our magazine and get a lot of interesting.

Of course, we’re not leaving you in the light for your parents. And, of course, offer an excellent alternative to teenage drinking in the stairwell. Maybe we really do know what you want from this day.

1. Who are celebrating

You have friends and relatives. We do not put before you a difficult choice, and not go to any of these parties. You just have to understand that to combine get-togethers with aunts, sisters, grandmothers and best friends and classmates are not worth it.

So we’ll talk about how to celebrate 20 years with family and separately with friends, acquaintances, girl.

2. With family

As you know perfectly well how is a birthday in the family circle. You don’t have to organize anything – the nurse will do everything for you. We mistakenly brought your girl in a group of friends, because you’re only 20 years old. Not the fact that your and her parents serious about your relationship.

You are not so close to meet together on family holidays. Why put everyone in an awkward position? So, dude, even if you meet 10 th grade, you don’t need to do that. You have time, you entirely pay the girl. And now time to once he was with his relatives, please give them this day, because you don’t often manage to gather at one table.

Many, but not all, of course, you forget that your existence is a credit to the parents. Maybe, at least in its first major anniversary can you remember this. Can give mom a bouquet of flowers, which she loves, and the father – expensive cognac, which he likes. Because you can finally afford it, unless, of course, earn some money and it will all be bought by the parents.

3. With classmates

Of course, that among them are your friends, but still. If you have more or less normal and friendly group, then perhaps there is a tradition to the birthday of the classmate. Can you chip in and give a gift this guy, and he is put in a local cafeteria? At least, such is the normal state of Affairs.

Now, if such a tradition exists, don’t forget about her. Before going to classes, buy a small cake, you can still grab a few packs of juice. Don’t need anymore. You don’t fake it in front of anyone, the important thing is that you put down and you are all together and ate delicious cake.

Maybe in the morning you will be given a knife and allow you to eat at a separate table. If you are kicked out, then try to get the key from the free audience, and a cake you can cut and box cutter. Just don’t bring with them to the University alcohol: plunk can but to spoil relations with the Dean is not required.

4.With nedogruza

You know, there’s a type of people who like you and are not friends, but they seem more than familiar, if you’re a normal guy and not call everyone friends. You should understand that there one only one. A true friend. And the rest of the blokes you call friends only because I can not find them a suitable definition. Them you’re going to meet in my life many, many times.

So, if you celebrate her birthday with these people, for whatever reason: maybe you are really expensive for people (girlfriend, boyfriend and girl friend) that you love and appreciate, just now far away, and they will have time to celebrate later.

So usually with these friends-friends you will celebrate the birthday quite noisy. You will have about 10 or 10 persons. So you need a large supply of food. Have potratila on supplies in the supermarket and cheap alcohol. Have you thought of cognac and vodka, here is your choice.

Ask that friend helped prepare for the meeting guests. You will need a couple of salads and some main meals. For a long time to stand at the stove, you can bake chicken with potatoes in the oven. Prepare meats, vegetables and fruits. In principle, this is enough, it is unlikely you will constantly have something likely to drink cheap brandy and go to sleep after a long five-hour screaming and shouting neighbours.

5. With friends

The best b-day will be your best friends if you finally get to meet. At the expense of food especially can not bother. It would be great if there is a stock of fruit for a snack and a couple of packs of dumplings. You will be able to wrap Shawarma stick to burgers and fry a pack of ravioli.

But you’ll have to fork out for a decent drinking: you have to thump all night. Get out from under the wardrobe of your favorite Board games and turn the music up louder.

Now you can be genuine and really out to have fun, noting his 20 years. Would be cool if someone from friends there is a water pipe with good tobacco, then you are even prostitutes will not be needed. You have it already. You made your own club with blackjack, but without the cheap prostitutes.

Like we talked about the main parties his twentieth birthday. I hope you will make something of their own and having a blast. You know what to do with all this. Most importantly, do not depressioj about fast growing up, we all passed through it.

Do not hammer on its your big day, you certainly should celebrate this day with everyone. Soon session, I need to somehow relax before you start to go crazy.

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