How and why to save for a rainy day?

how to save money

Why do I need to save money for a rainy day?

Then that shit falls on our heads without warning and can be a pretty penny.

Sudden health problems, a broken car or plumbing, other unforeseen circumstances — we all got in a situation when we need money. In the end, can suddenly be fired, and until you find work, it is necessary for something to live. A nothing monthly set aside for a rainy day, and so when their life is something unplanned and costly, they either go into debt or take out a loan (read: go into debt).

A kind of stabilization Fund is insurance for you and your family. If you have the means, that you can pay for unexpected expenses, you can find two big advantages. First, the peace of mind. Instead of hand-wringing and worry, where you gonna get the money to pay expensive bills, you easily pay from its reserves. The crisis has been overcome.

Secondly, and even more importantly, it allows you to plan your finances. Instead of having to go into debt and to accept the loans, you can borrow money from its stabilization Fund, and therefore the trouble will come one.

In addition, the realization that you’re done, you will be pleased to warm your soul. You’re a man, you are independent and reliable, you’re ready for anything!

Where to keep money just in case

The choice is not so great. The money you save just in case, should be readily available to you. Don’t put them in any of the pyramid you can lose it. Do not invest in new banks: while no one knows how they will behave. Instead, there are two tested ways.

Bank account. It is good that so the money is safe. You are guaranteed they will not spend, they do not steal from your house, they will not burn and will not be lost. And on an annual basis to cover certain percent — a trifle, but nice. You can even just put them on the map, which will be used by you solely for storage purposes: in the end, you can’t be for the percentage off! The Golden rule is not to use the card anywhere and withdraw from it only in extreme cases, and in others solely to put money on the card.

N-Naya amount of the house. Good idea to keep a part of your stabilization Fund is at home in a comfortable place. It may happen that you does not have the ATM, the Bank will issue, in the yard gonna be a late night — who knows what. Let there is at least 10 000. Hide them under the mattress, fireproof safe, or something.

How much money is needed?

Roughly 30 000. Even if you have debts, better still first to acquire this «safety cushion», then in case of an emergency not to get into debt even deeper and to take money from your reserves for a rainy day.

When you gonna get even with debt, start a collection, focusing on an amount equal to your 3-6 months of expenses. We’re talking about basic needs: the communal, the most common products, travel. This will allow you to experience unexpected expenses, and even some time to live without a job, if you get fired.

How to quickly scrape together the money for a «safety cushion»

If you have broken a tooth or suddenly stolen cell phone, money have to spend exactly this amount, it is really necessary. In the same go cash unexpected visits to the doctor, broken anything etc. of Course, these days it is easy to get a credit card and withdraw funds from it, but then has to return with interest, and debts — it is unpleasant.

So our goal is to quickly amass 30 000 rubles. Another point: this amount should be supported. If you take out the money, after wages necessarily report.

«Sounds good, — you say — but how am I supposed to defer such amount, when I can barely take his ends?»

I agree, not an easy task. We all start somewhere. I saved up the money, even when I was in my last year and worked, while even managing to pay the rent. How did I do it? Saved, tried and have to sacrifice something.

There are many ways to save or make more money. Here’s our suggestions.

1. Sell junk. Now there are plenty of possibilities: the marketplace of all kinds, Vkontakte groups, message boards, and in the end, word of mouth. You have an unnecessary player in return which you bought iPod? Sell. There are pants that I bought, but I didn’t like and couldn’t wear? Sell. Ordered the shoes and she did not come? Sell. Sell all and don’t be shy. What is this? You don’t need and someone is willing to pay for this thing the money — and well, let gives.

2. Slow down the speed of the Internet and drop cable TV. It is precisely those things for which you pay only when you can afford it. When harvested, can not afford. What happens to you if you look a couple of months five channels instead of two hundred? You do not lose anything.

3. Part time job. Yes, I know we are all busy people. You must have a job or you go to sweat and believe that your work for half a day already enough. However, if you feel the need to stockpile for a rainy day, have to strain.

Don’t be too selective when arranged part time. Any work is good if ethical. There are lots of jobs with a flexible schedule meal deliveries, work barman, waiter, porter, etc. lazy students Write essays, diplomas, and control. Engaged in tutoring.

4. On the weekends it is better to sit at home. It is nice from time to time to go to the pub, club, cafe, cinema, theatre — anywhere, just not stay at home. When collecting money at the time to abandon this tradition. Stay home, read, see a movie, ride a Bicycle — if you think about it, there is always something to do.

5. Tighten the belt. All so smart and say that you can’t skimp on food. I think that’s what people say who have never needed. Need the money — tighten the belt. We are too much consumed, it is sometimes useful to stop. Your fridge is probably always something to spoil, isn’t it? Rich? Buy as needed, not to throw away food, and with it the money down the toilet.

An amount equal to 2-3 months of expenses

Here it is possible not to hurry and not tighten the belt. It was only an emergency measure. When you already have the amount that insures you in case of unforeseen expenses, there is a habit to be postponed and with it the stability that frees you from having to do it as quickly as possible.

Kopi a little, small steps will one day lead you to your big goal. Think how nice it is to live with the knowledge that you got the money, which will help you to survive any adversity.

The stabilization Fund should also be easily accessible.

1. Put off the same amount each month, which is spent to repay loans or other debts. Such monthly payments become habitual, you will learn easily to meet the new, more compact budget.

2. Make it a habit. It is not necessary to constantly think about your stock for a rainy day: so tempted to spend it or regret that you limit yourself. Let the accumulation will become a full article of your budget.

You had to save money? Happened? How did you do that? Tell me in the comments!

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