How and why to remember the names

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Recently I discovered an interesting paradox. Children often dislike their names. Some are threatening to change my name as soon as I approach the passport office. But when it comes to adulthood, all these problems brain fade into oblivion and begins indiscriminate love for name and surname. The older a person is, the more he relates his «I» with generations of ancestors. He even tries to immortalize their initials creativity, or any «big business», let it be on a regional scale. Cool because you can split the square in the city and call it by its name? A little pretentious, but the children will remember. Libraries and museums owe to the people who couldn’t stand the fact that their names will be forgotten. They have created, collected and stored in a result every educated person in Russia knows who this Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov.

One of the first lessons of political literacy States: «Remember the name of the voter, the art to govern. To forget is to be forgotten». In business life and special contacts ability to recall the right name is almost as important as in politics.

– Dale Carnegie –But not only patrons and artists wanted to be remembered. The name is the first thing that you should know and remember when meeting with any person. Rules of decorum of the past did not allow humanity to lose this household precept. But the unrelenting passage of time played a role — we all stopped to remember the names.

Here it is: the woman that we slept together last weekend and which will never see. What’s her name? We don’t know. Don’t be upset, but she hardly remembers you. Even worse, when you’re in bed with her a second time, but never remember the name. And she told you.

So, we see new faces every day. It is not surprising that they are difficult to remember. And whether it is important to remember the names of these persons? Frankly, important. Of the many reasons. In a country where most of the problems are solved by the presence of connections, it’s silly not to be able to remember the names. You never know at what point you need help the man you knew a few moments of life. Meetings, business talks, casual Dating spontaneous sex life itself requires from you a good memory to memories of pleasant and important was always with you.

1 firm intention

I will make every effort to memorize the name of every person I meet on the way

Any healthy desire begins to incarnate in the moment when a person makes the conscious decision. If you want to remember the names of people who take it a conscious decision. Enough to claim «bad memory». Forgetting names is due not so much bad memory as unwillingness to use it. Banal laziness. Every time you go to some meeting, party, festival, remember your decision — it will help you.

2 Concentrate and any interested

People easily remember what they see in front of him. But if they get distracted, the memory starts to fail. Therefore, you should concentrate on two important things:

— the first mention of a person’s name when we first met;

— the formation of ideas about the person.

That is, you just need not to miss the name. If you did not hear, asked. Then tie the name with a detailed impression of the physical characteristics of the person. Use all your senses to make a detailed portrait of the individual. Even the smell can help. For example, if Yegor will smell like eau de Cologne or counterfeit vodka, his name is easier to remember, creating a certain image in my head. That is why we all remember the names of their neighbours-alcoholics, but nobody remembers a quiet and unremarkable girl that was sitting behind a Desk for 9 years of schooling. 3 Name the image the Image, continuing our opinion, represents a strong support to the process of remembering a name. In the language of images speaks to our memory, especially when we are talking about the same name. If you have a very big problem with memorization, you can print the photos and attach stickers with names. It looks a bit maniac, but the result will not keep itself waiting.

4 Imaginary token


Among American presidents was a guy named Roosevelt. He was distinguished by a phenomenal memory for names. If you believe American bikes, it was a simple trick used by the President. He imagined that the head of every man is written in his name, so fat marker. 5 repeat the name Is a memory technique easier. When you meet a new person, repeat his name in my head several times. In addition, turn on the name in conversation — this will improve the chances of remembering the name and at the same time will make you look more friendly. Repetition is crucial in remembering, you could understand for their students and school over the years — we all crammed information, which was hard to penetrate in our brain.

6 Write down the name in «contacts» phone

The entry name will never hurt. Even without numbers. Will not be superfluous to add a small info about the person: where they met, was about Dating, who is this man, what was the conversation. If you’re at work dealing with a whole bunch of people the habit of recording contacts will stand you in good stead.

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