How and why to cook for women

cooking for women

The first time you will cook for food women, will be for your relationship special. Not only that, she will come to your house, you’ll be able to save on the restaurant! In addition, your communication will be more personal, and you will have a chance to impress her. Of course, you can in front of her royally embarrass myself: nedzarici the chicken or overcook the pasta.

Fortunately, there are lots of simple recipes that you will succeed, even if the chef you will not name. Now we’ll tell you why women need to cook.

1. You show that you have practical skills

Think about it: you’re not going to make it a stool or to cut a fret saw, to prove that you are the master of all trades. Prepared with his own hands the dinner will convince her that you’re the handy type that might have something to do myself. Of course, about your skills and you can tell, but folk wisdom says: better to see once than hear a hundred times.

2. To provide other food — the original way to demonstrate care

When you cook food for them, you show your care, kindness and compassion. Since the dawn of man men would go hunting and bring his family to mammoth, thereby showing the harsh peasant concern. Times, thankfully have changed and now you have something to boil or fry — and it is in your hands!

3. It gives you not suspicious opportunity to invite her to his

To invite people to her house is a very important and even symbolic step of many reasons, but the most important of these is trust. No girlfriend doesn’t want to date a teenager in the body of a man who jealously guards the location of their strict living. Get her to my apartment — means to become closer to her, show your confidence and move your communication to a whole new level. Besides, your house is the bed.

4. This is a great reason to get to know her and understand it suits you

For dinner, usually are the most long, interesting and sincere conversations. You can find out everything about her that may interest you at this stage, because the situation will be to have. After this visit you’ll know whether to continue to spend her time.

These are the profits you will get from feeding the women in your country of residence. In my opinion, quite convincing. Now a few tips on cooking.

1. Preparation!

If in the kitchen you feel insecure, the worst thing you can do is to leave everything to the last moment. Want to cook dinner for her — then so be it really good to cook. Plan is still a few days before her visit, carefully think over the menu, buy all the necessary ingredients, read the recipes. Diligence and more diligence! And ordered no food to give her for her!

2. Prepare in advance

This follows from the previous paragraph. Planning the menu in advance — so why food is not pre cooked? Lots of things you can store in the refrigerator, and then reheat or eat just like that. This applies to salads, desserts, cold appetizers and all such things. So you save yourself from unnecessary headaches.

This plan is good and the food in the oven: you can cook in advance and then just shove in the oven and bake.

3. Cook something that she will definitely be

No need to stuff it with blue cheese: all of a sudden not like it. Ask in advance about allergies and vegetarianism, not to be trapped. From this and going to dance. No bodies and offal. For a start, try the classics.

4. Light food

Do not overdo it with the number of dishes and their caloric value. Junk food will make you passive and tired, besides, you will begin to feel sleepy. All the time. There will be time to pig out, but not now, when she first came to you. If you have something heavy, you start slowly and don’t insist on the Supplement. Then to myself I say thank you.

5. Keep it simple

Much better if you cook a simple dish than when you fail to prepare complicated. Even pasta, but yum! Though the omelet, but the king, with peppers, tomatoes, cheese and spices. Don’t need wine sauce, if it tastes it will be more like the shit of a mammoth, yet primitive men took care of his family.

6. My dishes immediately

You don’t want a woman caught you in dirty pants with a greasy pan in hand. Don’t think first make, and then wash. My first chance and let the dishes do not accumulate! And place on the table at the same time razgoraetsya, and the ring is released.

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