How and what to wear with denim shirt


When denim shirts have been associated with courageous cowboys, traveling about Texas on bikes or doing nonsense on some sort of mountains. Now all is changed: the denim shirt has become any less steep, but more affordable. Now anyone can dress up like E. Vyacheslav Malezhik during the song «Islands» in the program «Morning mail» in 1985 or Dwayne «the Rock» Johnson these days. Here you can see how it’s unique, eternal element of the wardrobe, he loved Bruce Springsteen, his loves Bradley Cooper and his probably love you because Jinsha convenient as robbery during the troubles. But some of the nuances you need to know by heart.

How to buy

Buying denim shirt, it is important not only to pay attention to the style and popularity of the style, it is first necessary to determine the quality of things. Underground Chinese factories do not feed bread, but give to forge good jeans.

Look to fabric: high quality denim fabric has a pattern tree or cross the line. In addition, the fabric stretches, but not stretched. It is also important to look at the seams and pockets. Nowhere to be hanging threads, uneven postrock and other satellites denim marriage.

To distinguish the branded jeans from the fakes, look at the label on a button or rivet. The label should be made of metal or rubber, and the button should clearly depict the brand name no errors. On the fakes, and labels of a different material, and names correctly. Sometimes it comes to konechnostei like Trucardee.

Where to wear

Many ask in what situations jeans will look like and what is pointless? Modern fashion is merciful and allows you to wear this garment for almost any occasion: work, wedding, and other celebrations like a date, drinking with friends. Still, the denim shirt is cool and always stylish. It is universal and relevant all year round. And despite the fact that strange fashionistas have learned to look into it harmoniously at solemn meetings, a denim shirt is a classic item for the informal situation. It is suitable for almost any body and at any age, the main thing – competently to pick up the rest of my clothes.

What to throw on top


As a top you can use a pullover, cardigan, sweater or leather jacket. And it is not prohibited if from under the long sleeves will stick out denim inside. If the shirt sticks out from under the sweater, that’s okay too. As long as it was not too long and not hung like a skirt.

While wearing a denim shirt with a classic coat or jacket is a risky business. It is very fashionable, even for Kirkorov. If you take a jacket, not a classic top of the costume, and informal tweed.

By the way, a little more about the classics. To combine denim shirt with tie or bow tie dangerous. Be careful: near fine line that leads to bad taste.

In addition, the shirt itself can be used as outerwear. Under it you can wear a t-shirt. It is stylish and comfortable. And yet at the crucial moment, a slight careless movement, it can be draped over the shoulder of a friend. Gentlemanly and generous.

Anything below the shirt

It is best to choose some informal pants. For example, the ideal – denim shirt light blue rolled long sleeve and chinos. And on the feet in this case, it is better to wear some light shoes.

Of course, the shirts look great with jeans. It is desirable that they still differed in color. And it doesn’t matter, darker or lighter will be your bottom, it all depends on taste.

And it is important to remember that denim shirt combined with classic shoes and tough winter boots. The choice of a particular kind of shoes depends on the image and style of clothing. For example, jeans and a denim shirt perfectly complement the sneakers. In General, running shoes, sneakers and boat shoes with moccasin – best friends jeans.


Modern men’s denim shirt can be blue, dark blue, light blue, dark blue colors. In any case, the best color combination is brown and its shades. Don’t forget about color, various shades of the top and bottom.

It is necessary to achieve contrast between the top and bottom. You can also do this through the use of the belt. It is best to choose accessories brown color that will go perfectly with blue or blue shirts. For example, to complement the image with a light blue denim shirt, you can wear a belt, light brown, dark brown backpack and a bracelet on the arm.

To create a contrast for the fabric and not to give up clad in jeans, you can take a t-shirt in white, black or gray colors.

And remember: blue denim is absolutely impossible to combine with things made in pink, red or yellow colors. Well with blue jeans to wear at least silly. You’re not Irina Allegrova concert in Dnepropetrovsk in 88-m to year.

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