Hot Latinos who write hot books


There are many reasons to pick up a book and to devote the evening. For example, you can escape from routine, escape into the worlds of distant and dreamlike. Or, on the contrary, to check their nervous system, to finally see the defeat of all human ideas. Some read books to feed your soul is beautiful. Others prefer to read only the most gruesome books that talk about the fall, fear and the insignificance of man. But there are not many books which encompass all the diversity of human life. And in it, to be sure, there is a place for all senses: for dark and for light.

The twentieth century has passed rapidly: war, recovery, back to the war, and then revolution in the minds of millions. If you look at the literary field, everyone thinks about such words as modern and postmodern. However, you should not forget about those Latin monster thoughts that are created magical realism. What is magic realism? The essence of this genre? I understand this is not as good as I would like. Better to listen to a lecture of Professor Zharinova this. And we, according to his tradition, we will recommend five iconic books of direction, which, believe me, leave your self a huge mark. Very strong literature. And, unlike the writings of modern «intellectuals», are very close to modern man.

1. «One hundred years of solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez


We will start with the main hit from the novel, which rammed a brain many millions of people. Nobel prize winner described a life that knew every Colombian, but that nobody could move on the page. Gabriel garcía márquez could have made it amazing. But don’t think that among the galaxy of geniuses, one only Marquez is worthy of respect. The boom of magical realism has created many laureates of prestigious awards, spawned dozens of loud and iconic names in the world literature that was not only pleasing critics, but to the whole world, every person. Of course, they were clear to the Browns, but as the theme of the works of people like Marquez was always talking about the eternal, and books will stay for eternity. I want to get acquainted with the genre? Read «one Hundred years of solitude».

2. «Pedro Páramo» Juan Rulfo


You know, what was the first literary experience of the great Marquez? He wrote the script on a single novel Rulfo Juan Pedro Paramo. This book I think or beginning of magical realism or a precursor. It appeared in 1955. With age, this book is getting better. The plot tells the story of Juan, who at the request of his mother goes to look for his father. Who was the father of Juan? What a trail he left behind on earth where he lived? The son doesn’t know it, but he finds people who tell him about his father. To tell many good, many bad, even more terrible regurgitate life, you might say. But, hell, it’s a tale, a tale to tell indecent if you didn’t read sspoilersite burn in hell. But we assure you, the novel is so steep, that breaks the brain shot heavy Magnum: to the last page, not guess, what was the point.

3. «The war of the end of the world Vargas Llosa


Old Peruvian, who received his Nobel prize in 2010. Vargas himself is a difficult personality: he is a fighter against dictatorships, a former presidential candidate in Peru, who has lost just one of the crazy guys that created the country’s hell. His literary talent is also noteworthy. Safely put on a par with Marquez and Rulfo, and familiarity with his work start with the novel «the War of the end of the world», which describes the history of civil struggle in Brazil, which took place in the XIX century. Note, Llosa draws on not just a myth, but a myth that is very real. The story tells us about an itinerant preacher who gathered around him followers who believe their leader is Christ himself. They did not want to fight, the community was just praying and was preparing for the imminent end of the world. But the Federal government did not agree to this and declared peace community outside the law. Think of peasants were shot, like dogs? Read the book and understand what people who have no weapons, but there is a sincere belief.

4. «Kingdom Of Earth», Alejo Carpentier


This guy is practically our distant relative the Konstantin Balmont, and he wrote no worse, though not poetry. Carpentier worked in the genre of magical realism, as you already understood, wrote an epic, rich in magic novels. I know its not as good as the magnificent three (Marquez, Borges, Cortazar), but you better take it seriously. Especially his book «Earthly Kingdom» that is coming crashing down on the head of all your ideas about modern literature. The work tells the story of Cuba, the French administration and the collision of two worlds that cannot exist together, because can not to understand each other. And they had to do. A great thing to read thoughtfully, not because the book is complex, but it’s just, again, about important matters, and not about the shit, booze and an endless series of copulations.

5. «Universal history of infamy» Jorge Luis Borges


Borges is not a novelist, but also a wonderful storyteller. On multiple pages it can accommodate the fact that some writers can’t fit in ten thick volumes. Many of his stories resemble parables, some cover our heads and ancient wisdom, others just interesting. We recommend you a collection of short stories «the Aleph», well, today recommended «a Universal history of dishonesty». This collection has such gems as «the Disinterested killer bill Harrigan», and «the Man Rose cafe». Read good literature, my friend.

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