Hot BBQ festival

Admit it, you still occasionally reminisce about the past summer. Especially in the morning when your balls shrink from the cold. Don’t know about you, but in our city you can still feel the true summer flavor. In the evening, when going home through the courts, you warm a warm and cozy smell of barbecue. You immediately begin to remember those BBQ parties that you held with your friends, those gatherings near a hot grill near the lake. Ah!..

So, we don’t want to let this feeling go. And call you: if your city more thoroughly filled up with snow, you get all the BBQ on the outdoor balcony and fire away so the whole area is maliciously jealous. To inspire you, we’ve got the hot list of festivals BBQ. Why there are no in Russia. Maybe that’s what you open first in our country, «barbecuey» festival?

1. The Smoked Meat Festival


The first in our list is the smoked meat Festival, which takes place from 27 to 28 June in Louisiana. I think one day you will not? Well, it you in vain. For 24 hours you can not eat just a couple pieces of pork, but the meat of rabbit, deer and even frog legs! Why not arrange a holiday belly and not to eat hot and juicy ass rabbit?

2. Rock, Ribs and Ridges Festival


Festival of the year, ribs and ridges. It is a holiday with a screaming title RRR lasts only one day, from 28 to 29 June. So immediately after the festival of smoked meats go from Louisiana to new Jersey to enjoy the year and juicy ribs. You not only will get pleasure from delicious and flavorful meat, but also relax to the accompaniment of the classics.

3. Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival


A festival dedicated to the independence day of USA (July 4), which takes place from 3 to 6 July. This is not just a feast to fill your stomach with roasted flesh. All the money raised over the three days of the festival will be donated to the fight against pervasive hunger in America. Live performance of Blues, food, drinks, fireworks — all of this can be found on the waterfront of Portland.

4. Great Southern Tailgate Cookoff


From 22 to 23 August in Florida is a real battle on skewers. 50 teams competing for the right to win in this BBQ competition. Cold beer, hot meat and a gorgeous view of the main stage. What else is necessary for men’s happiness? And so, the hot girls there too.

5. Blue Ridge BBQ & Music Festival


Another mix of good music and barbecue. From 13 to 14 June in North Carolina to meet with a fiery and delicious festival. Listen to rock, folk and jammed it all a sandwich with juicy pork.

6. BBQ Ribfest


Yes, it’s a barbecue reprovest that you can get from 19 to June 22 in Fort Wayne. Grab your friends and a couple of bags of beer, juicy ribs can get at the festival. You have the whole weekend, lots of beer, meat and sexy drunken girls who will be shaking Boobs on stage.

7. Decatur BBQ Blues & Bluegrass Festival


This intimate festival, where they again mix BBQ and Blues, perfect for a weekend you’ll ever spend with a friend. You try new and unusual Beers and to wait for a fresh portion of flavorful pork, listening to a beautiful composition. Can relax on the comfortable lawn directly in front of the stage so as not to miss anything interesting.

8. Long Beach BBQ Festival


Hot festival, which takes place on 22 and 24 August in long beach. Here you will enjoy a large number of braised pork, chicken and various sausages. You fill yourself with ribs, desserts and delicious drinks until the morning, until they finally fall into a deep and blissful sleep.

At least you now wanted to eat. As we and so the work is complete, we offer you, Mr. Lazy-Ass, to develop such a mouth-watering barbecue festivals. Don’t forget to invite the dudes from our office.

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