Hot batch of quotations about how to live life

Been a while since we did his favorite thing — do not understand the neurons motivating quotes by famous people. Even those statements that at first glance sound bland and boring, is actually a storehouse of the wisdom of the world. That is why we are carefully looking for and collect them from everywhere. After all, if you don’t believe us — believe them.


Because the rules can only be created on the basis of something already done. Okay, you can come up with rules and follow them, but what good will that do if your work doesn’t bring in any money? Patients crazy also love to come up with some rules and dogmas for their incredible projects, but it is clear that prior to implementation it will not come. There is another type of people who make the rules before activities — cultists and rogues. So that sets rules for health, only about people like you, go bad rumors.


Those who are so afraid of doing something wrong, usually rarely doing something.

– Luc de vauvenargues clapie, the Great French philosopher and moralist of this phrase is trying to push to action all those who are afraid to do something wrong. Most of these people don’t do anything — just to not make mistakes. Most of them explains that they don’t want to waste time. What still stupid. That is, it is better to sit, to curse, to complain about life and do nothing than to try to take up a promising business which can benefit? It seems that everything is obvious, especially when you consider the fact that no lesson in this life does not guarantee, even safe sex.


Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has courage to lose sight of the shore.

– Andre Gide –Gide says. For great achievements we need to start small. It is impossible to read the book, not opening it; you can’t build a house, do not grasp the tool. And for this all you need to decide and make that first step. As the foremen: «the worst thing is to start. And then it all going». Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes, for this you need to break out of the comfort zone and let go of old habits. Of course, it’s scary, but most likely, in the future you will have to wait for the conditions much better.


If anyone knows, Billy Durant — Creator of such well-known companies as General Motors and Chevrolet. Overall, quite a successful kid. And he is absolutely right in saying that the past failures you have to write off. Judge for yourself: sometimes we just don’t do their job, and finding your calling takes a very long time. So now, to kill the cook because he does not know how to assemble the cabinets, or the diver for not able to do pedicure?

In the end, with time comes experience, which is notably lacking at the beginning, and your idleness makes meaningless many failures and hours spent in getting various knowledge.


We do not risk, not because it’s so hard. Everything is so hard because we are not at risk.

Seneca –And if we risked the world, perhaps it would be better and suitable for life existence. We would have found the answers to many eternal questions explored the space at least 3%, have learned to live in harmony with the planet and got rid of the bad habit called «whining about lost opportunities.» But the courage and riskovannoe now become very rare qualities, and the ranks of desperate daredevils thinning hair Mikhail Boyarsky.


Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.

– Demosthenes –Who said that for something worthwhile and successful requires a lot of capital? This is a real lie generated by nothing more than simple human laziness. In many cases, enough of the frenzied enthusiasm and the simple desire — that’s the formula the desired success. So no need to wait for the sea weather, it is necessary to take the initiative in their own hands and start acting. Look at this crazy, unstable world. Who knows, maybe the day after tomorrow, what do you expect to stand up and «be somebody,» will be outlawed?


Jim Morrison was 27 when he died, Pushkin — 37, Arthur Rimbaud, too. Nikolai Petrovich 87 years, and everybody forgot about him, even his own grandchildren. So nondescript and uninteresting life he lived. Life were quieter water below the grass in his Desk, in the corner at a table all my life in one post. He lived to a ripe old age, unlike the above characters, but their whirlwind of a social life and creative courage have made them classics. So choose what you prefer.


One of the things my parents taught me: never listen to other people’s expectations. You have to live your life and realize only their own expectations, and that’s the only thing I really care about.

– Tiger woods –Golfer says. Only now, unfortunately, most of these people are parents, and against their will, not everyone has the strength to go. But on the other hand offers quite a bleak prospect: to plow the unloved work to do unloved business and spend money on what you dream. Life in this rhythm leaves only a single output — noble stick my gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. It will be much more honest to yourself than a lifetime to dance the tune of others, and then complain that life doesn’t bring you joy.


Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self discipline, and it is a real force.

– Clint Eastwood, the Legendary Eastwood as if adds a few drops of specificity in verbal concoction woods. Although it is possible that without self-esteem not everyone will find forces to live as they want.

If you respect yourself, then you will be less likely to have. In every sense of the word. Because self-esteem is a filter that discards all options that could put you in a collar with a leash and make a slave to the system.


Without a bold first step can not do, and in order to do need to stop being afraid. Fear to stumble and to make mistakes not advance you even for a second, a millimeter every hour distancing you from something new. Life is a series of dug pits, where some were treasures, and others you fell. But it’s impossible to predict which you’ll get a prize, right? So I have to act a proven method of trial and error.

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