Horizontal teapot Sorapot


Almost all the guys from our editors give preference to strong and burns your coffee, but it does not mean that we miss out on guys from the opposite camp – chalabov! Especially for them we found a very cool teapot that will be a stylish and functional decor or a great gift.

Horizontal Sorapot teapot is the brainchild of renowned American designer Joe Roth, who decided that it was time to change things, and started with the kettle. Minimalist, sharp and sleek geometric contours of the new rules in centuries-old traditions. Cylindrical glass bulb allows unfolding the leaves whirl, and a metal frame attached to the kettle sustainability.

The teapot has a strainer, teploreguliruth handle, made of stainless steel, heat-resistant glass and food grade silicone. All of these materials are of high quality and solid construction. Easy operation, reliable quality and stylish appearance more than compensate for the inability to hold a tea ceremony according to the rules, but allow you to keep up with the times.

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