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Dude! I’m not going to rant your question on 25 pages, ask bitingly and right. Harmful hookah? These gadgets are already on every corner. Wherever there was the normal places like strip clubs or underground gambling dens, now hookah. Please tell me that this temporary insanity will kill all those who are suffering.

The answer

WARNING! The abundance of the word «hookah» in the article!

Goy thou, concise citizen. Our answer will be the same just a moment and filled with knowledge as phrase of Gandalf. And still thank you for what you. And nevertheless feel like you curse the supporters of tobacco question – soldiers Hashishin, glamorous kitties the inhabitants of the Caucasus and the Middle East.

To answer your question, we contacted an expert on the absorption of tobacco smoke, Gamecom. The conversation took place in a relaxed atmosphere in one of the hookah. Here is the answer of Frogs… Rubislaw, perhaps: «Hey, Uasya, TAVO mouth did! Get out of here, right now, you I Jerzy. Who harmful? Right now I’m with a SAG cast, Jerzy, that’s harmful. Finally the hookah buzz!»

After this answer we decided to consider a different point of view and contacted the employee of an independent test lab with Vadim and Shekochikhin: «it is Foolish to think that hookah is a harmless alternative to cigarettes. In one gas station hookah contains 6.25 mg of nicotine, and cigarette – only 0.8 mg. this shows that nicotine in the hookah is more than 7.5 times. Now think about these figures. This despite the fact that the whole world has long acknowledged the dangers of cigarettes.»

Supporters of the hookah will immediately remind you about the «miracle filter» from the water, but as Vadim said: «it is Foolish to believe that all of the nicotine remains in the water, the cigarettes, too, are carbon filters. Moreover, the water is not so good filter, especially for smoke, if the water is filtered, at least 10% let through her smoke – it would be good.»

It turns out that the hookah is not so safe if you penetrate so much of nicotine. Of course, that’s less than gets smokes a pack «Peter» smoker. But there is one problem, which we explained to the doctor pleural Ilona Kostadinova: «a Person when Smoking a hookah will receive a significant dose of nicotine and so gradually to form a dependence on nicotine. Full of cases where non-Smoking youth just indulges in a hookah and sits down on cigarettes. Here, for example, a sudden need for a cigarette, Shisha are not around. What do you do? Run to buy cigarettes. For me, all a mystery who came up with that hookah is harmless. Who long ago said that hookah is not a harmless alternative to cigarettes. In countries where it is popular, by the way, many people with pulmonary dystrophy and heart disease. «It only remains to quote the poet Anatoly Neumann: «it is Terrible that the day we have to live»».

As for the second part of «Marlezonskogo ballet», we fully agree with you. We miss the hangouts with accessible, devoid of delights the ladies, on budget Pivnyak, strip clubs, full of dark and shady characters. Its former glory… to paraphrase the classics: «Overgrown with hookahs the place of our meetings.»

Life-giving «rain» for hookah family was a ban on Smoking in public places, including catering establishments. One law – and so ruined the surroundings of each provincial city. We don’t mind hookah, they just became too much. To understand, what the hell, we contacted the owner of one network with a very southern city. However, he asked not to be named… But we don’t care. Sorry, Ruslan. Here’s what he said: «the city has accumulated a huge unmet demand for places too. He was quite large, the target audience is young people aged 21-35 years old – as expected showed interest in them». So why they, like mushrooms after the rain? Yes, everything is very simple: this business of high profitability. Simply put, it pays for itself faster than rabbits multiply. The cost of the prepared hookah remains low even with the price rise of tobacco due to the depreciation of the ruble. Plus the markup on drinks is 100-300%. It turns out, the ratio of revenue from own hookahs and drinks are approximately equal.

Again, this is the most quickly profitable business. Hookah bounces for half a year. Rather now practically nothing pays off. So this business is on the rise. And smokers do not become less, who would not say that. Personally you have a lot of quit Smoking? That’s right, conservatives. And young businessmen to open a hookah at the hookah bar, trying to bring her something special, elements of the club and people, including young children, but nothing happens.

All death tobacco Hydra is not far off. Business literally destroys himself. The fashion for hookahs gradually goes away, people are tired of them, want something new. Especially since almost every fan of «to smoke» is the native hookah. From «nicotine salons» will do what they did with the rolls and sushi: when they appeared, they were the highlight, and then almost every house began to open. I have the feeling that it will. They will be very much, the quality will go down hard, and will only go to the hookah hookah and hookah unemployed will think where to go.

The owners themselves admit that many are now difficult. Don’t go, don’t go here, because of the competition in the market has already started dumping. Institutions started to an average of 700 rubles per hookah, and now the price tag has dropped to 400-500. This is despite the fact that the situation on the currency market tobacco, mouthpieces and so forth become more expensive. So be patient, my friend, when will natural selection, hookah will be smaller and will be only better.

We understand that this article could summon the wrath of a higher power, the God of nakuri and lovers of sweet smoke. Believe me, we didn’t want to offend you. Moreover, we do not want to offend the hookah magnates. Just a hookah was really a lot, and sweet fragrance are impregnated the entire blocks that doesn’t cause joy. We welcome healthy competition. So good luck with crisis calmly dislodge each other from the market. We’ll wait.

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