Honest work is the path to a brighter future!

How many times have you from TV hinted that the country’s manpower is not enough? Well as you can! Even the education reforms carried out, and exam complicate what they are doing, and you find a way to get into University. Therefore, together with the Minister of propaganda, my friend M and also for the prosperity of the country we have made a selection of professions. In times of crisis and layoffs when the office plankton are driven from their homes, you know, what rags, you should consider a change of profession, not to suck his paw, and other organs.

All data was taken from reliable sources. The salary stated in Indian rupees. And if you ask, what the hell, the author himself will not go to the factory, I’ll tell you, if you, certainly, want, office planktos. Without managers the world has calmly live, and here without the authors manygoodtips.com not at all. This is not a profession – a vocation. It as the name: there’s no escaping that, it’s given to you from above, it is not decided by you. Or do you write here and give people happiness, or nothing at all. And after much work on the site have the right to advise.



Salary: 40000 g

«Mmm… the cook asks the chef!» Although it’s not about that chef. In General, smart people have long realized that people are always hungry, and sick, and he will need somewhere to live. As the unfortunate state employees-doctors with unattractive salary we have enough, and the construction will be discussed later, let’s deal with the tamers gastronomic needs.

Chefs get a lot. Average times more of those same teachers and managers. And given the fact that even in a severe crisis smart people manage to open new restaurants, the demand for them will end when the demand for pornography, which is never. What thieves work. Food is nearby, warm, full. Major plus: girls love boys who can cook. So go for it.

The tower crane operator


Salary: 35000 g.

Now many cities of Russia resemble a large construction site. Everywhere, like a nuclear bomb mushrooms after rain, there are monolithic and prefabricated apartment buildings of the twins. And the attribute of any construction is the proud tower crane. Many fans of extreme sports dream to make high-quality photos on an arrow of the crane. And becoming operator, you’ll have no shortage of spectacular self and beautiful urban landscapes. As sung in the song: «I can see everything from above». Besides, the work on the crane is allowed only in certain weather conditions, so you’re gonna stay home in the bitter rain. If you value personal space, then lock yourself in your cabin, focus drags the concrete floors as you want, watching the far away look like ants builders with wild cries and curses flee from broken concrete slabs.

In fact, the work is not easy, requires good preparation. After all, and the risk to damage equipment, materials or teles work there. And very large.



Salary: 44000 city

Over 44000 rubles I personally hares in a field with a shovel to kill. But do not forget about the fact that welders don’t live the basic salary and shabashki, how to make a good reliable seal can only be a professional, and demand for it is always there. Welder – noble profession. In my childhood we were scared that welders almost blind. However, it’s all a lie, they’re in masks. If you’re attracted to constant demand and diodes, the welder is obviously your choice. Boil anything you want.



Salary: 33000 R.

Electrician, electrical engineer, just an electrician – all of this profession is slightly different but equally popular. The paradox: players can explore a lot of electricity, and electricians are units. Although in any housing Department, in any organization, he will be welcomed with bread, salt, open arms, Gypsies and solemn concert in the local house of culture «Firefly».

In fact, those who chose the path of electricity, worries is always full of garden. A lot of work. Especially if you work in the public sector, where people never enough. But there is a part on the side, because how many will exist electric meters, so the owners will ask them to rewind. And nowadays less and less people able to repair the socket, I’m not talking about more global problems. So the demand will always be there.

In the end, there is something in that, standing on Verhoture to dig into the wires, risking invigorating the category. Current will pass through each cell of your body, and you’ll get a vigorous dose of energy. But it’s better than working as a specialist Bank for 25,000 a month, and then the part time job, and a sense of self-importance. Especially when customers are screaming that I called the electrician 4 days ago and already can not live without light.



Salary: 30000 g

It is strange to say the word «oldest profession», but on the storekeeper or not say. In ancient Greece the keepers of composition hired a special person who was supposed to monitor the storage of goods. And in the 17th century the profession of a storekeeper became one of the most respected.

The storekeeper is like a warrant officer in the army. Responsible for receiving of goods, storage and further implementation. Not always something to usurp, it all depends on the organization, my crafty friend. There is no need absolutely no education. Enough to be able to count. You can buy the book «the Storekeeper for dummies» and take a course of the young fighter. Although, I think that given the products you will understand.

In short, if you like responsibility, if you like to manage the process, then welcome to the storekeepers! Will be, to paraphrase Chukovsky: «the chief of Boxes and products a General.» And Yes find a job easily, because for several years now the storekeeper is the most demanded profession. I do not want people to keep an eye on the goods, although the work is not so dusty.

The installer


Salary: 36000 R.

Not stokers and not carpenters, and installers necessary for the country. And all: and altitude, assemblers of concrete constructions and installers of the various systems. That is to say, a noble profession, considering the above-mentioned construction boom. Of course, have to work. It’s not the article in men’s journal writing (though, you know, too hard), or preference in accounting to decompose. But imagine yourself after a hard, job well done heroic gait Stallone from «Cobra» come home, eat, drink a shot and think «Here I am to benefit, men were useful, and you, the author manygoodtips.com just write any nonsense!»



Salary: 36000 R.

Unfortunately, thanks to Ivan Dulina and folk anecdotes, the image of Miller at all connected with some idiocy, the harsh Ural homosexuality and a person who has as many fingers as the teenage mutant Ninja Turtles. In other words, unpopular. Although in the Soviet Union, the millers received more engineers and even doctors. Although the majority of still get.

Is negative traumatic. Well, well, bruises, burns and severed fingers is a fact, but the character hardened, because there is nothing more masculine than working with metal. How not cool, and the demand for «wizards of metal» (I’m not about Megadeth, but about the millers) is really great, because metal parts for everyday use would be always needed. And to study a long time is not necessary. Remember safety, and the rest will teach the elders, because, in fact, Miller learning in practice. So go for it. You will be given a fashionable robe, glasses and a friendly male staff.

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