Homework wars: how to win in a dispute with his girlfriend

The main rule during a dispute with a friend — not to be an asshole. manygoodtips.com will teach you how to balance: to bend the line and not offend her.

No relationship without quarrels. I think in a sense men suffer even more than women. Why? Because cultural traditions allow women to Express their feelings how they want, like it’s nobody’s business. And the men? Not at all.

Since women have the default privileges that we are allowed to use tricks to be able to withdraw from battle… or at least get less scars.

1. Don’t tell her: «Calm down»

This word for some reason, always produces the opposite effect, especially if it is already quite inflated, and you sympathetically advised her to «calm down». It is impossible to rationally discuss the problems with the fire-breathing dragon, and it becomes a girl, if it is so transparent to calm down. Warmly recommend you to abandon the use of the word and its synonyms: «relax», «chill» and all the like.

2. Use only verbs in the first person

Instead of saying phrases like: «You don’t appreciate me», you say, «I don’t feel that my efforts are appreciated when…» it seems a trifle, but the phrase «I» are treated more leniently than phrases with «you»: they do not so much blame. When your girlfriend feels that you don’t attack her that she doesn’t need to be protected, therefore, does not arise in a defensive stance and remains more open to your words. Maybe this will help her to apologize. Possible.

3. Don’t tell me you think your friends

Women attach great importance to the fact, as they are taking our environment, namely family and friends. So even if you guys think it pushes you to stupid claims like «write me a text point, when you get to the bar, I shouldn’t worry», no need to tell her. First, if you don’t say it themselves they are unlikely to be revealed, and this means that you give it all up and set it against them. Secondly, it would be awkward to be in the company of your friends, knowing that they have a bad opinion about it. Thirdly, it will add fuel to the fire and will reduce your chances to get out of the strife victorious.

4. Don’t make idle threats

Threats no one likes. When you give her an ultimatum: «Trendy former Vkontakte or we’ll fight» — what are you waiting for? Would you like he respond? Be prepared for an epic battle. She’ll find a way to turn the situation against you and force you to leave the battlefield on a shield and a trophy hog your balls.

5. Embellish a bit if necessary

No one is calling you to become in the false beast, but to idealize the relationship is not worth it. If at this stage you have no need to lie, where is the guarantee that it will never occur? You can’t tell them if she finds you out that you were staring at another woman. When you have no idea what she swears at you, humbly say that I would like to discuss your problem in detail. It is clear that you don’t want to, but you understand yourself more.

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