Homeless man asks for money in the subway, and just wants to show

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Probably every time you go in the metro or the tram and in the front door, there hunched, smells bad figure in funky clothes, you mentally curse, and the car rolled a sigh of frustration. In America the same garbage (I do think that this garbage is happening in every country), the poor beggars nobody likes. Especially if it is a Negroes in the Prime of life.

And in carriage of the underground trains in new York comes to a shabby young man with the standard: «Ladies and gentlemen, excuse me, may I have your attention, please?» But instead of the standard complaints about the fate of the villain and requests «a Trifle-a trifle!», dude… began to brag. Bro said that he and his family bought a big house in which his «the dog can freely run and walk». Also bro said that it is thinking about buying a small boat to swim with the whole family.

Dude said that the Cup of coffee he’s holding is not for trivia, and because I recently had a latte. People in the subway scary bro liked it: laugh. Of course it was a hoax the American site sollege Humor, but the drawing is quite good,…

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