Home darkroom

The New year is necessary to choose gifts wisely. If interest, then as you wish. Photography is another hobby of people who are bored. Photographers, like five years ago so that those who are going to marry or take a picture of yourself «beautiful» are lost from the abundance of offers. And this is a real problem that is partially solved by the ability to photograph anything, on the phone and put the fruits of his work to Instagram. Why not print these pictures, just like old times? This home darkroom — a great gift for girls or guys who love to take a picture of their meals. You put the phone in a special tray in the top of the device, the processed and after some time the picture comes out of the tray at the bottom. Similar to the principle of «Polaroid».

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To buy this Minelab on Amazon at a price of $ 300. Girls, is it worth it?

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