Home brewery


Man, I think every bro who loves beer dreams that someday he would own a home brewery. Now you have the chance. For only $ 30 you can buy a kit to make beer.

Now you do not need complex systems of other stuff. This kit will allow you to brew 2 bottles for 1 gallon of beer. Good homemade beer, however, you should not confuse that it is powder, the powder is made of natural raw materials! First, verify that it is not just beer, and root beer — beer from the roots, quite a popular beer in the USA and Europe. It can be made both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. In the first case, usually use carbonated water. It turns out, almost like Cola, but useful. And the taste like Dr. pepper.

All this is good for three days. It need it to cook, man! However, to explain for a long time. In the kit you will find everything you need: a package of flavor crystals, a bottle of beer concentrate, a few bottles, watering can and whatnot.


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