Home 3D printer


Dude, the undoubted usefulness of 3D printers proved, however, there is one trouble: they pretty much are. Of course, one printer saves you from having hundreds of small Chinese, but the cost of one such miracle of technology is certainly confusing.

But he appeared — Cube 3D — the first home printer «will print» you anything. The printer is more like a coffee — both in size and design. It is safe for both children and adults alike, and with the help of special software you can set the figure to «print» or a thing absolutely any arbitrary shape.


The printer can produce things a size of 140mm x 140mm x 140mm and only sixteen colors. This, of course, the omission, but nothing prevents you paint the figure yourself. She devilina comes in silver, white, purple, blue or green form-factor.

Joins the computer Cube 3D with Wi-Fi module. The cost of one printer and $ 1,300.00. A lot, but usually they are much more expensive.

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