Holy war survey. Android or iOS?

In the statistics of our journal, we see that visits and with a Android and iOS are on the same level. It follows that both operating systems favorite of our readers. And we wanted to reignite that dispute, only with one limitation. Do not touch the hated operating system. I would like to ask you to kill the comments, and especially inappropriate remarks will be deleted. If you are on iOS will speak on why he chose her, not affecting the Android and everything that it runs, in turn, fans of Android talk about the pros of its operating system forgetting about the existence of iOS. If the discussion without flame wars, it is quite possible someone will reconsider his view on devices. And remember fans iOS & Android don’t have shit together (better together to hate Windows) the point of this post is not that would impose their view of the opponent, but to talk about what exactly you like in your gadgets.

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