Holy smoke

Decided to put the house on the tree. Don’t go, man, on the Christmas Bazaar. You were given the «green beauty»? Hang shiny snot on anything. And you can make Christmas tree yourself, after all, the hands of assholes. Options just as much a fantasy in your curious mind. If you lack ideas, here’s a few unusual trees:

Christmas tree made of cardboard

Each house there will be a cardboard box. What to do with her — clearly on the pictures:

Break the box


Cut triangles


Make a hole with scissors holes


To do resistance


Add a garland



And decorate some Christmas tinsel to make it clear that it is a tree.


If you think it’s more like the mountain or the nachos, you can paint the tree green.

Christmas tree made of planks

Much harsher looks like a tree of the boards, and it is more difficult here it is necessary to take up hammer and nails, and of the boards themselves. But the result is worth it, agreed. Hell, she is awesome!


Christmas tree made of vegetables and fruits

There are no boards? Make edible Christmas tree, it would fit well on the holiday table, is done quickly, worth a penny. When will all the food, you’re happy to remember that you can eat the tree. Looks soliongco, but a friend and guests will give you 5 points, trust me.


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