Holiday life hack: how to save on gifts

The days are harsh, but we do not lose heart and even help you, a friend of ours how to get out of different difficult situations. Take eternal headache for any man – the question about gifts. Friend can spend all day in search of the right present for you, but we are actively seething brains, waste of time exceeds three hours. But this will not escape, otherwise pass for an inconsiderate guy or a bad son, a friend (depends on who the gift, of course). Except that walking through shopping malls take a lot of time, it takes a lot of money, which now is nothing to sneeze at. And you must understand it, otherwise after a wave of celebrations in your diet will strengthen your position and Rolton soup.And we wish you only good things and share with you the secret knowledge economy. To solve the problem with the economy, a great mind is not necessary. Enough to read this text to follow our advice. After a while you will feel a surge of «free money» in your pockets. And they have to spend on a loved one.

Technology Cashback

We will not delay the revelation of the mystery, so listen carefully.

In the network there are sites that are called cashback. If you find a quality, then the resource page will see familiar brands that are tested and proven by time and numerous recommendations, and by you when you went to the Mall. Technology is as follows: you go through a cashback service, then you need to store, choose the item, pay for it and be satisfied by the buyer. «Where will the joy come from?» you can ask. It’s simple! Part of the money from the purchase goes back to your account.

The beauty is that the money can be withdrawn even if the account only a couple of quid. The money is coming in 2 weeks after purchase and the percentage gains are really felt, especially if you buy something big.

In General, use it well and remember that not all cashback sites provide the same conditions. For example, there are many examples where refunds need to wait a few months, and take their turns immediately, but only upon reaching a certain digital level (say, 500 rubles). Such binds the buyer, so we recommend a proven site. Just register and make the purchase – no problems there and paying for it is not necessary. Promotions, promo codes and discounts are too, usually in the holidays (prepare for March 8!).

1. Travel

Of course, the best gift for women on March 8 – is to take it with them and take off somewhere on the other side of the world. However, a trip to another country is always a good thing, regardless of the occasion and celebration. And, of course, a lot of money is spent on accommodation (in addition of tickets, this is the main item of expenditure). With cashback it is not so scary, because part of the costs for the room nights back. Let it only 3.5%, but judge for yourself, the total amount is often very considerable, and 3.5% is a good argument in favor of the service. So grab your legs up, book the hotel in advance back, and anticipate a wonderful journey.

2. Cosmetics for girlfriend

Just choose wisely! Don’t know which perfume she likes? Grant scrubs, ointments and creams, but it will be a bottle somewhere in the backyard of the apartment’s existence. In General, on the part of cosmetics is now on the service pleasant subject. You can arrange a godless purchase before spring. Go to Ile De Beaute, buy a product and receive 150 rubles back. On any order, you know? Separately pleased that if the money you received, you can immediately write to the administrators and they’ll sort themselves out, feedback is adjusted as necessary.

3. The book is the best gift

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I always give books. Of these people at least will benefit, will be able to upgrade your skills or to relax a little. Besides, the book is always easy to pick up. Even if you’ve seen the person a couple of times in life, you still have some idea of the range of his interests. And any interest can find a book than people guaranteed to be happy. Cashback on reading is 2-6%, but still nice. In fact, buy 10 books and can the cashback to buy another one.

4. Buy equipment

To save money on technology, whether it be a TV, washing machine, vacuum cleaner or oven, always a pleasure. Especially now, when the price of refrigerators rose % to 100%, if not more. However, if you’re going to stock via cash-back, you’ll be able to save a percentage of 1-1. 4 % if we are talking about. Everything else, pay attention to stocks that are trading network is often carried out (information about them is always updated). Anyway, use various tricks of the trading industry. Be grateful to yourself later.

5. Toys for young dudes

Surely you have a small brother or sister, and maybe even got a son or grandson (how old are you, dammit?!). In this case, will have to think of what to give them a holiday. You can, of course, to buy some computer game, but it does not. But the good old toys are always in Vogue. To find something with a bias towards creativity or development is now easier than ever before. Just go to the site MyToys through sash4brands ordered the full game, and get your 200 rubles back. By the way, you can use the actions that are carried out of the stores with the cashback at the same time, which is nice.

6. Clothes for you and friend

Everyone loves clothes. If not, then why don’t people go Nude? On any occasion to receive as a gift a shirt, a t-shirt or sweater is always nice, especially if it is matched according to your style and taste. To save enough to get the promo code and visit the online clothing store. Themselves promotional codes on this page of carbatrol discount, thus, can reach almost 60% (at the moment). Don’t be late and get yourself something, and that one shirt three seasons to go is not cool.

7. Again about the technique

And, you can pay attention to cash back with Olmert. In addition to the 1.7% return (smartphones, tablets, consoles, cameras), and unique promotions to run. For example, if you buy a Braun razor, you return 3000 rubles. Look better, there’s all sorts of Goodies in terms of benefits. And you’d better hurry, because the friends too have something to give.

8. The same Aliexpress

Yes, this site has changed our perception of the value of many goods. Here you see in the gift shop kind of thing, which is worth six months of your work, and then you come across a lot from this Chinese website and see real value. If you’re a frequenter of this site, you will be useful to know that you can save money on it. And, again, our already well-established pattern. Go on Ali via cashback service and get pleasure from shopping.

9. Goods from Europe

But not everyone likes China, many people like only Europe. And we can agree with them, because the quality is better. For this and there are sites such as KupiVIP. Clothing there are different price categories, but we, of course, buy it cheaper, because doing it the right way. According to the standard, the rule for 3.5% cashback, but the site holds many promotions that allow you to this is a 3.5% add another 10%, or even take movie tickets. The possibilities are many, it remains only to select personally for you.

10. Sundries

If I had to pick a gift you still didn’t present you a multi-brand option that never fails. We are talking about store Wildberries, where cashback is 3%, but there is a big BUT, which is called promotion code and sale. Madness sometimes reaches 80% (the so-called shock-sale), which significantly increases your purchasing power. If you don’t believe us, check for yourself.

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