Holiday even today: simple pleasures for every day

simple pleasuresPleasant things that exist so we can enjoy several times a day. How lucky we are that we can find joy in simple things, and not only from the steep, large and expensive vexis! Here’s a list of nice things you can do today.

1. To read a whole Chapter of a book that you can’t finish forever, and not be interrupted.

2. Five minutes to sit in the sun.

3. To hear an old favourite song that was not played for several months or years.

4. To take coffee to go and go sit in the Park on the grass.

5. To buy in the supermarket an unfamiliar vegetable or fruit and to cook anything from it.

6. To freeze summer fruit and eat it — better to just go bananas and grapes.

7. Invite a friend to lunch.

8. Plunge into a used bookstore and explore.

9. Wake up very early, not to rush and even to the sunrise.

10. To draw on the sheet of paper with three random shapes or scribbles, and then try to combine them into a whole picture.

11. Take a NAP after lunch and not feel guilty.

12. To eat for lunch, your favorite snacks: olives, popcorn, or pickles. Anyone?

13. Really talk with someone who serves you in a shop.

14. View Vine with account of a cat or a dude named Tyler, The Creator.

15. To change the Wallpaper on the phone for something fresh.

16. To spend the whole morning photographing cityscapes. Guaranteed to notice something new.

17. Invent a new cocktail of what you have at home.

18. Google, how to translate a word into different languages. For example, perdimonokl.

19. To get out on the table.

20. In summer drink a glass of ice water with lemon and mint.

21. To watch the movie that everyone is discussing and you still have not seen, and ashamed.

22. To connect with an old friend and invite him to drink.

23. To write a positive review on anything: a book, movie, restaurant, etc.

24. Lie extra five minutes in the morning, on the eve of the changed linens.

25. To sign up for a free online course.

26. To do something with their hands, such as a photo frame.

27. Make flips or wheel, even if you suck at it.

28. To try to reduce your favorite tracks free DJ-program.

29. Create a to-do list and enjoy crossing off the items.

30. Eat at once in a fast food or better yet — take out food from a takeaway.

31. See the first post of a favorite blogger, to understand how he grew up.

32. To try a new position sex.

33. A personal message to Instagram — send to a friend, a very funny thing.

34. Choose ripe and soft, but not rotten avocado and absorb it with olive oil and coarse salt. Or cook them a salmon.

35. To sleep.

36. To plan a vacation.

37. To practice contrary to their own laziness and then feel good.

38. Remove the boot to finally scratch his leg.

39. To identify the unnecessary thing and throw away without a twinge of conscience.

40. To Wake up and realize that you don’t have anywhere to go.

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