Holding the bag for these dudes


Many men for some strange reason stubbornly refuse bags. They even refuse to backpacks. In the first case the failure is due to the fact that bags are for women.The second — that backpacks for aspiring nonconformists and adolescents.

Portfolios, cases guys wear too: like, really, officially. But we’re going to break this stereotype. Pockets tablets, a multitool, books and papers to carry as it is not very package — absolutely not solid. Today we will show you a very comfortable and very masculine bag.

Men’s shoulder bag from the woman’s, in our opinion, different in that the men all easy to find and everything is ordered. What’s more orderly than this kind of thing?

In the West this kind of bags is called «holding» — obviously because they keep. You open the bag and see several compartments, between which you can put your tablet, phone, headphones, tools, and much more. Handbags differ in dimensions and material from which they are made.

Holdings , which we consider in the present section can be put inside the same backpack or briefcase. They are small and perfect to keep all your stuff. Sizes also are different. And the price is good: $ 10 for a small holding and 14 for large.

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