Hits, from which all sick

manygoodtips.com_7.03.2015_oSmbSYRlVrkDPWhen the editors vroDude removes the headphones, in which the sound of Pink Floyd, and dipped into the world of Russian popular music, it becomes bad. Because on radio, on TV and in the headphones of many citizens sound just awful songs that got absolutely everyone. Problematise, we have compiled a list of the worst and boring songs that’s torturing you, our talented Estrada.

1. «The Organ Grinder» Nick

We spent our childhood and youth to the song «Sharmanka». We grew up to the song «Sharmanka». Now everywhere is still the song «hurdy-gurdy». And believe me, man, when we die, the evil cyborg Nikolai Baskov will still sing his «hurdy-gurdy».

It remains unclear why the bloke who turns on all the Federal channels, scandalised in each society news that makes millions, there are no other popular songs? Why on radio and TV, he speaks with the «jukebox». Even Kirkorov all know his latest song. Is it not possible to pay more so you wrote a normal hit? No, stop-stop-stop! Nicholas, if you read this, don’t listen! And you’ve already written something worse – the song «Natural blonde». Still unclear what you want to prove that you are a natural blond or blond-straight? Hurdy gurdy at least the text was adequate. Maybe if the Basques continued to mow the Opera singer, trying to insane attempts to take the upper «f» and not flashed on all channels, we would hear the bleating is much less.

2. «Santa Lucia» – Quest Pistols

These guys have always been able to create slag, which girls like. But now it seems they outdid themselves! «Santa Lucia» not only infuriates patients Kamenskoi hospital. And what deep lyrics!.. «Sharp as chilli, sweet as honey BEE». If you haven’t heard this song then look in the record any trendy «elite» girls. Perhaps even your girlfriend loves it, of course, if you have it.

3. «Hey, you che such daring» – Timothy, Natan

The peculiarity of this song is that it got all before heard it. All thanks to instagram every self-respecting idiot took a 15-second masterpiece, in which he uttered the sacred «Hey, you che such daring». No one knows what the song is about. Everyone knows the phrase: «Hey, you che such daring». A unique case when I got it not the song itself, and the phrase from it.

4. «Smile» and not only – Iowa

If the above artists songs torturing one or two songs, the group was in Iowa making fun of people in full, releasing the song, apparently, the conveyor method. One after another, one after another… how can?! Please, Iowa, please stop!

First there was «Mother», then from everywhere started to sound like to disgust life-affirming «Alyisa» and then the Lord finally got angry with us and sent us the song «Minibus», which I couldn’t understand a word but the phrase: «It’s not ducks, we met in the bus.» Dumber and weirder songs I don’t know! I have the feeling that the songs the band writes Satan himself. If not him personally, the author of the lyrics for sure is the Devil and drinking children’s blood, because it is wrong to bully people. If you read the text on the contrary, it is possible to launch a nuclear code that will destroy all life. But the most disgusting is that these songs sound everywhere!

And I want to refer to the singer of the group. Katya ivanchikova, why did you start singing? Why we know your name?! I have the feeling that you both illegitimate daughter of the singer Yolka, Pugacheva and Ilya Lagutenko. No normal person can not understand what you sing. «Over that abyss walrus close my eyes»; «Cocoa my heart» – this is just the harmless that you can hear in your texts! No one was able to understand why she chose such a style of vocal performance. To me he always resembled a hysterical squealing, panting dog in an epileptic fit, from which cast out the devil.

Ivanchikova, I must say, a very pretty girl. She would only stop to get a haircut like Dora the Explorer (although for someone Dasha – standard women). However, when you watch the clips «Iowa», something changes: it turns into something terrible, writhing, making strange noises. Perhaps, this is because the group does not have the normal clips. I hope that the children will earn and will shoot normal videos. Well, or at least those which are somehow connected with the song. We still do not understand why in the video for the song «Smile,» she sings with such a person, if about to catch an orgasm, but in the video for the song «the Bus» there is no bus.

5. «All bundle» – Potap and Nastya

When just appeared, they seemed funny and amusing, and Nastya Kamensky – cool sisyastaya chick! Now they resemble the two clowns, in which one song is worse than the other. It all started with «Cumacea spring», then they have increased the insanity of the song «in our neighborhood». After they hit the liver «Chundra-chuchundra». Now check to the head: «All bundle». She’s already more than a year terrorizing the community, and the people heard: «There will be climbed, we go to point».

I would like to ask Potap with Nastya: is it really impossible to stop after «Cumacea spring»? You already have «Golden Gramophone». But the guys will not stop, because the secret to success is simple: get in the neighborhood, listen to, talk to pals and their Chicks, take the most delicious phrase, built around her supposedly funny text and voila! hit ready.

6. Oh my God, what a terrible song…

It would be better singer Natalie did not come back from the 90s and stayed there with his terrible hit «the Wind was blowing from the sea». But she rose like a Phoenix from the ashes, and was transported back in time to people to take revenge for the years of neglect. The weapon of revenge she chose the song: «Oh my God, what man» is still sound of each iron. This song is not oppressed are lazy, it’s been laughed at all, but Natalie made only popular. The song penetrated the mind, the blood of man, brainwashed him, parasitized and moved to another. Irritating is not only the omnipresence of this song, but its idiotic text. I have the feeling that it was written by a five year old child. It turned out the author of the song – Natalie. And to reinforce the primitiveness of the Russian stage, she sang with Baskov song, «Nicholas», where never explained, that she was so sweet Knees «loliloli».

7. «Shot of vodka» – Leps

The most popular Russian song karaoke. Her trying to sing everything, but it turns out only the Leps. Good like the song, but if she didn’t sing at weddings, funerals, birthdays, concerts, feasts, in buses – everywhere, even in outer space, it would have been better. However, once people stopped singing another popular lepsevskoe the song «Natalie», so the hope is still there.

8. «For you» – Mikhaylov

It’s hard to choose one song Stas Mikhailov they are all the same. And yet the world will be sad at least one divorcee, you can hear the song «For you».

9. «Mama Luba, Davay» – Silver

And when the song stops everywhere twist! How many years have passed, and she still sounds everywhere. The «Silver» when he performed on Eurovision, but all over the world know «Mama Lyuba». Well, because in the clip, in addition to their gaps between teeth, the singer of «Silver» showed the slit between her legs.

10. «You will give Kolyma» – Murat!

Scared to say something about the songs Murat Tkhagalegov – his fans can be punished. So we will be brief. Very often, this song sounds in the southern regions. And in Moscow too.

You may wonder why there are no Ivan Dorn & Elena Vaenga? Because they are less likely to sound in the markets of Russia. Here only selected and relevant. And finally: listen to good music, good listening.

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