Hitch: in the sports sense of the word

Much has been said and retold about the workout, how much has been written about strength training, so little to say about the delay. Nothing to awkward pauses she does not have. We are talking about exercises after a workout. And reveal a little secret: you already did.

Each workout must end with a delay. Why? You have no questions why the classes start with a warm up, you just silently go and warm up. Just as important, and hitch. Explain on the fingers. You are the town bully do you have a revolver, a rich godfather and sedan Nissan. You, as a child in «NFS», but now in real life run from the cops, scored a decent speed… But then on the road dog, you sharply on the brakes and… puts you, the tires are erased, a lot of screaming, noise, dust, your charming passenger smeared on the glass (proud, not tacked on), and the machine is good enough. It’s the same with your body. It is impossible so sharply to throw and work out the kick/acrobatics/dead lifts/exercises at the Barre in ballet school. Intensively doing, we translate our muscles and heart mode, providing smooth operation under high load. You greedily swallow air, to provide oxygen, pulse high blood pressure also, the temperature of the body can handle 38, and that’s fine. If you stop, the muscles that have assumed some of the functions of pumping blood, the heart no longer help, and they accumulate in the blood. The result – increased load on the heart, which is forced without the help of muscles to get the blood to organs and body. Simply put, after working well during training, immediately after it starts working even harder and more often.

Because of this, and occur dizziness or nausea after a run or other intense exercise, and generally feel depressed, tired, overwhelmed, ravished.

The delay is the correction of the thesis last night. The logical conclusion of your physical labors. But at the same time pressure with the temperature lower, and swollen muscles in order lead, and blood circulation will get better, and lead you to life and put the explosive excitement that makes you feel better.

So how do you do a delay? It all depends on the workout. After running – classic stretching with a deep breath, raising hands, rotations of the neck, by tilting and stretching in the best traditions of physical education lessons.

After any fitness training as one of the exercises can be done an easy jog trot. Then tilt and rotation of the torso, neck and limbs. To perform stretching exercises. But special emphasis should be on those muscles that most went to training.

Fitness trainer Konstantin Kobin explained to us ignorant people, what hitch should be divided into two stages.

The first is needed in order to bring heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature to close to normal values. Here we need low-intensity, easy work. Will fit:

– easy running, gradually turning into a walking (on the spot);

easy job on the Bicycle or elliptical trainer, stepper with a smooth decrease of intensity until the spot;

– jumping rope at a slow pace;

– the complete total workout or complexes of yoga; the aim is to normalize breathing and light exercises;

– implementation of complex total workout from cross-fit.

This phase is completed within 5-10 min, you can do a couple of exercises on several approaches. The main goal is to cool down and catch my breath.

The second is the implementation of the stretching of trained muscle to bring the entire metabolic rubbish from muscles and improve blood circulation. At the same time, making the stretching of the hot, piping hot muscles, you improve flexibility and elasticity of muscles and tendons. Extra this ability will not be exact.

The exercises you choose are what your soul pleasing. Most importantly, do not push the muscles to the pain, no sudden movements. You should feel tension, not pain. Do static stretches, holding the tension on the muscle for 15 to 45 seconds.

Just remember that the hitch need to do IMMEDIATELY after your workout. Coach in physical education always said, after 3 km it is impossible to stop suddenly. It is necessary to walk, to breathe. So here, all smoothly. If you delay, nothing will.

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