Hit parade of diseases your groin

manygoodtips.com_29.02.2016_Fj4itXrIrZ4kyOur friend, we wish you health and all prosperity. But sometimes you are your own desire don’t want, why I love casual relationships, which are held in the doorways, toilets of clubs and resorts our vast country. You might call this text «the disease of a real man», but we both know that a man is not a machine for sex, that goes left and right, and then lives happily. This is only possible in Hollywood, and the fun ends sooner or later. Disease on the basis of polygamy – a very disgusting thing, but sometimes we are faced with them. And what are we left with? Of course, to prevent the development of these horrors and to go to the doctor. manygoodtips.com cares about its readers and therefore teaches you how to recognize troubles before they become permanent problems.

1. Chlamydia

Non-lethal but rather unpleasant sore that are common (according to scientists) 15% of sexually active people. More dangerous for friends than for men, but that doesn’t negate the fact that you need to treat it. How to identify chlamydia? The symptoms are: lower back pain, urethra, scrotum and the balls. Itching is also not excluded, and pay attention to your urine: for chlamydia it is possible turbidity. Chlamydia bad many: who can live with him, because many people do not seek medical advice. However, if you also score this bolt, be prepared for the fact that your potency will be broken, and your tool will zealously on various kinds of inflammation.

2. Syphilis

manygoodtips.com_29.02.2016_vNWLbYYY1Bq4hHell of the illness and the enemy does not want. And the horror that to ignore it is impossible: the incubation period can last up to six months. And then on the scrotum or penis appear chancre (a small rounded ulceration). If you saw her, you run to the doctor. For several weeks, the chancre increases and you will be able to observe the inflamed lymph nodes. All this is the first stage of the disease, which can still be cured. But after a couple of months, life will cease to seem raspberries. The second stage is when your body attacks the rash, you have a fever, head ache, hair fall, increases all lymph nodes. A terrible disease, which is called slow death. In the third stage, you are unable to walk normally, the internal organs change, the nervous system commits suicide, he your appearance begins to resemble something incredible. The fourth stage, as you can imagine, does not happen.

3. Trichomoniasis

If we talk about the number of sexually transmitted infections, and trichomoniasis in this list, the numbers are impressive. The tenth part of infections comes for this gloomy infection. A problem that affects not only the sexual organ, but also tonsils, eyes and even lungs. And is this stuff easier to get through a vaginal Trichomonas (a single celled organism with parabasalia). How to define? There is nothing easier: you have a strange discharge from the urethra, pain when urinating, symptoms of prostatitis and sometimes the blood, again, the urethra. And it is better not to self-medicate when dealing with this disease, because the infection perfectly adapts to the antibiotics. Therefore, check with your doctor before something to drink.

4. Gonorrhea

manygoodtips.com_29.02.2016_4Y2Wqx5bwn6LIIn other words, the clap. What you should know about her, except that gonococcus (the parasite that causes the disease) is a vile monster that prevents men from living. The disease is not easy and manifests itself in the third to seventh day after infection. You always want to write, and is given to you is very painful, so much so that sometimes I want to beat myself with a baseball bat to end that suffering. But there are people who do not observe any symptoms at the initial stage. But then still come flour a nuclear war: the gonococcus bursts in your testicles and it feels great. The sexual organ is inflamed, you see, an excessive increase (but this is not good!), and feverish symptoms. The main danger is a reality can not become a member forever. Can occur necrosis of the penis. You can kill not only him, but also your kidneys. This horror is treated simply with a course of antibiotics, and better to reveal that fact at first.

5. Genital herpes

And finally, go over the classics. Genital herpes – trick, familiar to a huge number of people. This disease occurs with a frequency of from 7 to 30%. Symptoms? Pain and burning sensation in the scrotum, urethra and penis. The pain is sometimes so strong that travels to the legs and ass. Edema and purulent discharge. After we observed the formation of vesicles on the skin or mucous membranes of the penis, which soon burst, leaving instead a large amount of erosion. Effective cure for herpes is still there, but there are plenty of drugs that inhibit reproduction of the virus, as well as your caution, which is never superfluous. Pleases only one: virus gradually reduces its momentum, the frequency of infections decreases.


For the sake of.com.ua_29.02.2016_taDjojspkstADIn fact, the man many dangers in the way of polygamy. So much that sometimes I want to give that up and look at the modest and quiet life with one woman. But if you’re not ready, then be prepared for the diseases that accompany the path of any guy who considers himself an incarnation of John Wilmot (see «the Libertine», if you do not understand about what speech).

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