Historical facts that will make you a less romanticized history

The history of mankind is full of idealized facts about noble Sirs, who are fighting for something that we (their descendants) lived in this world much better, happier and cleaner. On the one hand, such stories have taken place, but it was not as good as it may seem. We too romantisize history, too. After all, it’s full of smelly and bad stories just as infested by the Chairman of the medieval Holy fool.

The Spartans encouraged homosexuality because it raised morale on the battlefield

Still nobody can say with absolute certainty, flourished homosexuality in the armies of Athens, Romans and Sparta. But here’s the thing: from the age of 12 the young Spartan boy had a patron who was called «lover,» and what did the little boy and a grown man, should be clear and without stories.

It was believed that homosexuality was invigorated soldiers, rallied the army, and, moreover, such deep knowledge of their own companions raised the morale. So some think nothing of what is shown in the movie «the 300 Spartans» unit — a kind of homoerotic club, but not without valor.

Gandhi did young girls enema, young girls doing enemas Gandhi

And this adroit Indian worked virtually his entire adult life. In the morning, he first asked the maids how to work their bowels, and literally forced everyone to do this thankless task. Well, that still is not vodka enema. But everything else was right: a clear conscience and a clean colon is key to a happy life.

Female hysteria was a diagnosis, and one of the treatments had an orgasm

In 1859, doctor George Taylor calculated that a quarter of all women suffer from hysteria and the cure one — arrogant orgasm.

There is an assumption that in the classical age, men doctors often masturbated patients to bring them to life.

It is difficult to say what feelings lead you to the cold hands of a stranger man to touch you in the most intimate, but either way, it was «female hysteria» directly influenced the invention of the vibrator.

Henry Ford was a friend and inspirer of the Nazis

A terrible anti-Semite and admirer of automobiles, Henry Ford had so much sympathy for the Nazis, supplying them military equipment. Ford has received a lot of profit and profit from Jewish slave labor at its plants in Germany. Ford was not enough to produce cars and considered a avtomagnat. He’s still in the twenties of the last century began the active revolt against them. Wrote articles and even books. Hitler and many in Germany then took his «work» adopted as the ideological basis, and the Fuhrer himself has admitted that he considered Ford my inspiration.

Modern Americans, of course, do not like to remember that their Industrialists during the war, funded both sides. The descendants of Ford’s very carefully worked, to lighten up the name of an ancestor, and the company itself. The very Ford if my life had to apologize several times, even though he did it reluctantly and very hypocritical. The irony in the fact that Mr. Henry Ford have a heart attack just after watching documentaries about the atrocities in the concentration camps. After he has not recovered.

Benjamin Franklin wrote an essay titled «Fart proudly»

As Ambassador in France, immortalized in the dollar Benjamin Franklin noted the extreme pretentiousness of the Europeans and, apparently, decided to challenge the colleagues from the other side of the ocean.

Having studied the scientific work of the last time, Franklin came to the conclusion that instead of doing really interesting and useful directions in science, scientists spend their time and public money on pointless, impractical and pretentious scientific work. «Dear colleagues! — wrote Franklin, I want to draw your attention to such an important and yet to be developed subject as the origin of the odors in secreted human intestinal gases, and the impact of various foods on their final composition».

«It is known that the digestion of our food in the depths of the human holds a large amount of wind,» wrote one of the favorites of the American nation in 1781. «To avoid this issue of wind in the atmosphere, if you are in the company of respectable people, after all this wind there is a bad feature — they who accompany him». All true, and no reproach. To fart in public is indecent — know it all.

In the end the fighter for the independence sketched out a scientific study on how to improve the smell of farts. He ends it on a high note: «for the freedom of Farts — farts and proudly».

Earwax — a loyal helper in the household

Earwax in former times it was widely used in agriculture. For the rich and the poor it was not a waste of life and valuable material. Medieval scribes drew from her pigments to illustrate books. So the ancient books, on which so quivers, and so admires the modern world, much closer to the person than it might seem.

Before waxed thread became massively available, seamstresses smeared ear tips of the threads that they didn’t do shit. Book for American Housewives 1832 recommended earwax as the best way to alleviate the pain when batters wound from a nail or skewer. So put that in your pipe next time to close up the wound with sulfur.

Perfume has long replaced the vaginal juices

We all know that in Europe to hygiene were treated with great hostility. Wood for the hot tubs were expensive to bathe in the rivers were cold, and not all knew how to swim. In addition, the Church has called to lead an ascetic life, setting an example in rags of the monks. The nobility of such dirt literally stank: stank all, even kings, as he wrote to Russian Ambassador in France: «His Majesty stinks, like a dog.» Known as the Duke of Norfolk stink so much that was covered with ulcers. They could not endure even the servants who washed His Lordship, while he was lying drunk.

Over time, they began to suppress the nobility, and there was a pungent flavors, which was to be put on the body — we know them as spirits.

Initially, these «odorous compound» was quite natural. Ladies European middle ages, aware of the stirring action of natural body odor, smeared their juices as perfume, skin areas behind the ears and on the neck, to attract the attention of the desired object. So through the jimson weed made its way scent of a woman — a dubious pleasure.

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