Hiroo, Onoda — 30 years war

Many dudes know the ones we usually post in the category «Heroes.» Bear Grylls is known to many, johnny Knoxville too, but there are guys that need to know for a broad Outlook, and to have before eyes an example of an interesting life. Our hero, Hiroo Onoda, just the people.

Japanese — amazing people. I’ll be honest, one of the most amazing people in the world. In their history there were a lot of dudes, characterized by devotion, and the strange unnatural-denial. For Europeans, of course. Many of the examples seem strange to us, for example the story of the 47 ronin, which is much better in the original than in the questionable movie with Keanu Reeves. The life of a partisan, Hiroo Onoda is also worthy of attention as the story of a frantic patriotism and all-consuming love for the Motherland.


To begin with, that Hiroo Onoda even cooler than bear Grylls. If on earth would have happened some other cataclysm, the two would live together in heaven.

Japan participated in world war II on the side of the Axis of evil, it is known to many. The Japanese Imperial army had a good suck of the allied forces. But before she was stationed on many Islands in the Pacific ocean. Our hero came to the island of Lubang, which was soon captured by the allies. Onoda was an educated officer with the education, he graduated from officer school at the rate of guerrilla and sabotage war. At the time when he, in 1944, was asked to head a guerrilla unit, the dude was 22, and he agreed, what else was he supposed to do?

Partisan group went to the mountains, its members organized attacks, killing the military, hunted, took away food from the soldiers, and even blew up the train. The war ended for the Japanese surrender on 15 August 1945, the place of action of the guerrilla group has dropped leaflets with information about the surrender, but, Hiroo was an officer, well informed about the methods of information warfare. He said that the leaflets were fake, and and everything went on as usual. At first, our hero frankly no luck, superior forces of the enemy killed almost the entire squad, Hiroo, the dudes had to quickly dump in the woods. That left them only four people, to fight in the numerical structure is problematic, but partisan — just gorgeous. Five years guys fought, sometimes you kill someone, sometimes discourages cows from the herd and dried carcasses in the sun, but one of detachment Onoda agreed to surrender and did it in 1950. His name was Yuichi, Akazu.

Other children, on the contrary, decided not to give up, dug a dugout in the woods, made it beautiful, made posters and even made a portrait of the Emperor from scrap materials, but rather from banana leaves. When there were three of them, the guerrillas have even organized competitions for the best song on the Imperial army… That’s dedication. Two years after the voluntary surrender of Yuichi, Akatsu for the guerrillas dropped letters from their families with a photo, but Onoda decided again that they are enemies tortured his family, forcing him to write such messages. Two years later, one man was killed in a skirmish with the Filipinos who were not even aware that living in the forest partisans.

To tell you the truth, Hiroo was aware of many events in recent years because managed to get a radio and batteries for it. He listened to the news, but he was sure that all this vile propaganda of the new government, which seized power in the country. Onoda was sure that the Imperial family is in a secret storage, because those are the plans told him at the time of the superior. The Vietnam war, according to Onoda, was masked by the war, guerrilla units of the Japanese Imperial army. At the end of five years, Onoda was presumed dead, and it went on his hand.

In 1972 a Junior officer lost the last man of his squad, which honestly remained with their commander to the end. A man was killed in a shootout with authorities. Onoda had been identified and the data on it was poisoned in his native Japan, relatives of Hiroo frankly stunned from this news, but since the Japanese have a passion as a valued dedication, he became a hero. Again the guy had been showered from Newspapers, letters and gifts from the homeland, but, as you already understood, Hiroo was stubborn like a sheep.

The return of guerrillas to civilization helped the case. Two years later, Hiroo in the forests of the Philippines came across a collector of butterflies and a young naturalist Norio Suzuki from the search study group. Onoda was awfully glad to see the guy from the country, he was not kill in the name of the Emperor, and just wondered what and how. Once again he heard the news that Japan almost thirty years as surrendered, has acquired an enviable industry, revealed to the world the «Japanese economic miracle» and will soon draw the first series of «Sailor moon», Onoda rested and said he would believe only when they receive an order from command. Norio remember it and dumped back in the land of the rising sun.

After a month, Hiroo out of the woods to stand before the bright eyes of the old major, who had long been retired. Major specially dressed in uniform existed already in the army, man ordered Onoda to surrender, Hiroo surrendered with a rifle in excellent condition, 500 rounds, and… a samurai sword. Officer or not? Major, by the way, has worked in publishing and was happy to get back to work.

As he lived, Hiroo Onoda in the rainforest 29 years? According to him, simple. Snakes never bite, had enough food (beef, coconut milk, bananas, fruit). He kindled a fire with gunpowder cartridges but later became commonplace to jerk meat in the sun. The man knew the plants that work as antibiotics, learned to make fire by friction, brush your teeth with bark and eating bananas with different sauces. When Onoda surrendered, the doctors found that he had excellent health and good physical form. The teeth were in perfect condition, parasites were not, health was great. When asked how he did it, Onoda replied that people are just too far removed from nature and it’s simple. The rifle was in excellent condition, greased with beef fat and clean. The man said that he cleaned it regularly, and in sediments covered with rags.

How did the life of this man after he surrendered? First, he forgave his sins, including the murder of 30 armed men and various thefts. When Hiroo realized that Japan surrendered, he was terrified and desperate. Former first lady of the Philippines after meeting the hero said that he told her: «How Japan could lose? Why I took care of his rifle like a small child? What killed my men?» The woman didn’t know what to answer him. He just sat there and wept bitterly.

Dude went to Brazil, became a businessman, managed to get married to continue the family line. He later returned to Japan, became a teacher, also organized a case and donated huge money to the local school of that island, which spent so many years. He died this year on January 16.

In fact, such heroes, who fought after the war was very high. The loyalty and patriotism of the Japanese in the blood.


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