Hip-hop can be good

And again a matter of taste, but how ever it was different? We won’t say that there is good hip hop and there are bad. We’ll just tell you about those bands that liked us personally. Good repchina exist, even in the West, not even an abstract with all sorts of «deep meaning.» We’re talking about the real gangsters who inspire us on a daily exploits. Listen to them in training, listen to them at work, listen to them during firefights.

Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise

Listen old white school hip-hop! Besides, Bestie Boys cool by definition. So, they are not harsh gangsters from the ghetto, but their music is catchy since 1979 and is a benchmark in its genre. The song «Make Some Noise», of course, a remake, but a remake is kosher. And the video is excellent, with a lot of gorgeous actors (the full version lasts about 20 minutes). These Brooklyn bullies worth listening to, even if you don’t like the recitative, they are largely a symbol carbon white turnips.

House Of Pain – Jump Around

«House of Pain» are a gang of Everlast, who is now a solo artist and writes something close to country. But when he was in a dangerous group that consisted of Irish-American alloy. In many ways they defined the style of the «hardcore rap». We are talking about those songs that listened to the threat the white man, whose life was not sweeter gutovskogo hell. The orchestra presented three gorgeous album: House of Pain (1992), Same as It Ever Was (1994) and Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again (1996). Nostalgia and screaming records.

Cypress Hill – Dr. Greenthumb

Without these Latinos we can not do. They are elegant and cool, and continue to do good things, although it has lost its former grip. The musicians are in favor of legalizing grass, weapons, prostitution, and all the other Goodies. And what wonder? Part of the gang consisted of one well known criminal gang. Their songs are listened to Latin guys on the West coast, they were the embodiment of the lifestyle of the gangsters of that time. What now? Now the guys in chocolate, and the headliner, B-Real, leads his meth gear on YouTube.

Cypress Hill – How I Could Just Kill a Man

A great song, and the text is excellent, and that is to have a gun is always better than not to have it. And that’s the truth of life for yourself you can always vouch. And if in your house you got some kind of bastard, then perhaps you wouldn’t mind if under the pillow would be a great hidden gun. A discussion topic that does not negate the chicest songs.


Perhaps someone is outraged that we recommend one musical junk. But it so happened that the new tracks within the genre has become something like pop hits from the slackers old goats. However, there are exceptions in the world. For example, Insane Clown Posse have always been pleased. New song on a topical subject. However, the old stuff ICP was an order of magnitude higher. Perhaps we do get too old for hip-hop.

Insane Clown Posse – Hokus Pokus

Oh well, the classics horrorcore not much happens. Yes, and we like clowns with their texts. When they first came out with its own theme, then subjected to harsh criticism from music critics and publications. «Too much violence», they said. «Too much violence and sex,» they said. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope prudent to put their bolts on the opinions of these publications, which have lost some of your Napalm by the end of the 80s and are a sad spectacle in the service of the mainstream.

Hodgy, Domo Genesis And Tyler, The Creator – Rella

A bit challenging the mainstream, but pleasant in all respects. Crazy black, which has chosen a unique format instead of what was offered Hollywood the descendants of the African scene. Don’t know about you, but to us norms. Centaur cocaine cool tracks!

Psycho Realm – Showdown

This music band is, all that you need a real Latino. B-Real is participating in this cool project, but besides him, there are two fucking dudes who define this team. Masters of the word: Joaquin Gonzalez and Big Duke. If the limit on Cypress Hill spent, then listen to them. Music uniting the scum around the world.

GraveDiggaz – Diary Of A Madman

And here’s another Gothic horrorcore that made the genre a lot of interesting things. In General, the style itself is interesting and has now developed into a game that turnip has little to do. Superimposed distorded too much effects, too little of the recitative. But some representatives of turns cool. But while we’re on the classics, not remake. And GraveDiggaz – it is just standard.

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