Hindus and Morgan Mandela… what’s the difference anyway?


5 Dec died, Nelson Mandela. He died at the age of 95 years, you’ve probably heard about this event. Generally, it the odious and precisely mixed. For someone he is a terrorist, and for some a Saviour and a freedom fighter — to argue we won’t. Personally, we have an article about this remarkable man. We have in each case the article there, man.

In India, too, mourn the death of Nelson, although personally I can’t understand how they are connected (the struggle for freedom?). Billboard in Chennai, located in southern India, bearing inscriptions in Tamil contains information about what a lovely man was Nelson Mandela and how much he did for the world. Apparently, it is compared with mother Teresa and Gandhi (also, incidentally, a very controversial person). Everything would be fine, if not one «but»: the photo shows… Morgan Freeman.


Morgan himself played Mandela in a movie, so to confuse them it is for that, but still unpleasant. By the way, Mandela was already confused… with Samuel L. Jackson.

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