Hiking water bottle holder with their hands

Hiking water bottle holder with their hands


During summer travels, often the question arises about how to make a bottle of water, first, was always at hand, secondly, does not take place in the backpack. We will tell you the manufacturer of bottle holder, which will allow you to save some space in the backpack.

You will need:

crisp, woven strip of nylon (whose length will exceed the length of the bottle three times);

gum from the old backpack;

a small strip of Velcro;

D-shaped plastic ring;

— metal carbine;


press to set buttons;

sewing needle and thread;

a lighter or matches.


Cut two strips of nylon material, equal in length to the diameter of the bottle, and burning cut places, to ensure that the netting will not be dismissed. Wrap the strips around the bottle and sew the resulting loop. Note loops should tightly clasp the bottle, so that she did not slip.


Left wrap nylon bottle along, as shown in the photo. At both ends make a little loop. One end should be slightly longer than the other, it will be installed button. However, some things are easier to show than to explain in words, so just follow the pictures and don’t forget the «fry» sections of the place.





Notice that the tab button is attached to the horizontal frame using the Velcro.




Use a metal carabiner to hang the holder on a belt or attach to a backpack.



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