Higonokami — cool Japanese knives


Once upon a time in black-and-white American film joked that the Japanese devices are different as a killer, and the inscription «Made in Japan» was equivalent to the phrase «Shit». But that all changed, and «Made in Japan» now the figure is fucking high quality. Higonokami is the well — known firm in the world among fans of knives. The firm appeared in the late XIX century and making knives still. They became very popular in Japan after World war II, when the Japanese were forbidden to carry swords, wakizashi and other types of bladed weapons. Specific type of blade, reminiscent of a tanto, became very recognizable.

Each knife is handmade, forged in the old way, each brand is indicator of quality. The handle is brass. The cost of a small knife (blade length two inches) — $ 25, medium knife — $ 49 (length in the clear 7-inch) long knife (8 inch opening) — $ 55.

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