High-tech axe for cutting firewood


Despite the fact that in the office everyone thinks that for cutting firewood there is nothing better than an ordinary axe because it is absolutely universal, we became interested in this axe is absolutely unanimous. And not just because he’s too good.

This axe with a strange Scandinavian (or Finnish) name Vipukirves declared by its creators as a perfect tool for chopping firewood, for example, in some campaigns. The reverse side of the axe blades feature a strange design, resembling a scraper for the windshield. But the creators assure us that this thing can be easily divided into small lumps a large piece of wood. Cut with an ax solid wood, struck it with the ledge, teased as a lever, pulled, and it cracked exactly on the line, as intended.

Bright red axe does not inspire us with much confidence in the price is also not very good: $ 200 apiece. Robbery?



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