Hidden signals that your relationship is under threat

Stop.com.ua_29.05.2014_2M5XfQEGk9e0uUnfortunately, scientists haven’t yet invented the magical light, begins to flash red every time in your relationship issues are identified. Some disturbing signals can be difficult to discern, but this does not mean that they are not.


Constant carping with one of the parties clearly indicate the existence of problems. Couples who have everything good, do not tend to blame each other. In the case of mutual dissatisfaction, they discuss the problem. Feel the difference: «You never make the bed!» that’s a rebuke. «I don’t like coming home from work, to see nezapravlenny bed. Could you remove it in the morning?» — it is a request.

Criticism against the partner is not constructive, she provokes a fight or, even worse, contributes to the accumulation of resentment. And the accumulated grievances can lead to large-scale scandal, or even a rupture of relations.


Any display of disrespect is a joke or sarcastic remark — testifies to the beginning of the end. A long and lasting relationship can not exist without a deep mutual sense of respect. The contempt felt toward the partner, destroying the ability and desire to empathize. By the way, the ability of compassion, performs the role of a social cement that holds human society. Lack of empathy can destroy any connection between people.


You feel the need to justify to her his desire to play shooters or to drink a bottle of beer? It sucks. Justification is a defense. What kind of harmonious relationship can be discussed if you feel the need to defend themselves?

In addition, the desire to justify can be a symptom of trying to avoid responsibility, which is not peculiar to man, is in a stable long-term relationship. A serious relationship is always a liability.


For example, during the quarrel one of its members just clams up. This may be due to the desire not to aggravate the situation, not take it out on the partner and so on. However, in order to really solve the conflict, just walk away from him enough. Normal in this case, it will say something like: «you Know, I’m very upset to speak constructively». If you just «run away» in the middle of a conversation and hope it all blows over by itself, it indicates bigger problems in your relationship.

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