hi-Call gloves universal Bluetooth, cheap and cheerful, friend

Fancy gloves called hi-Call were presented by hi-Fun. With them we can chat on the phone wirelessly via Bluetooth, leaving the phone in my pocket, which is very convenient in the winter, not true, friend?

Of course, to hands free devices these gadgets-gloves do not hold, as still you will be busy with one hand, but nevertheless to surprise passers-by or friends to go quite successfully. Chat with a bottle of these gloves by hand, all the familiar gesture «call me» in the form of a straightened thumb and the little finger.

Gloves hi-Call work with Bluetooth-enabled phones at a distance of 12 meters. In the thumb of the glove the tiny built-in speaker and the pinky has a microphone. Also located on the rear panel of buttons that allow users users to accept, reject, or end calls. In order to make calls without dialing, the phone must support the voice call function.

All the electronics is firmly secured and does not interfere with the movement of the hands, however, they are not water resistant so in rainy or snowy weather can cause problems with the proper operation of the device. Built-in Li-ion battery is charged via the included USB cable, charge which is enough for 20 hours of talk time or 10 days of passive mode.

Gloves hi-Call is sold in grey and black colors at a price of $ 64, so if you frequently talk on the street, and the headset irritate you, then be prepared for the cold, friend, satari this gadget.

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