Hey, I have done: as well work a job

We already gave you a lot of tips about work: taught to create a resume to Shine in the interview to prove yourself the first day and first week and show the boss what you’re worth. There is no limit to perfection, man. Any work can always be done better, it’s better to prove yourself — there is always something to strive for. Today get away from us a new portion of tips on how to work a job.

1. Show some enthusiasm

No need to constantly stop yourself and analyze whether you are out of the border and aren’t you a splash desire to work. Enthusiasm is the quality that cannot be taught: one can only grow in yourself. The word «enthusiasm» meant the willingness to step forward out of action and to volunteer to help in any task, desire to participate in everything and to listen to what people say and to support their colleagues. Come early and leave late. Volunteer to do even those tasks that are new for you and while you can’t perform. For such behavior, it is important a sincere desire to become a valued employee. Those on whom you can rely on. You yourself are responsible for your career, nobody will be out of kindness to promote you through the ranks.

2. Know what you want

Good think, among what kind of people you want to be and what kind of environment you are most comfortable with. Think about it, would you leader and it will be for the leader. This is very important. To reach the goal, we must first define it for yourself, and understand that people of your type — priceless. This greatly simplifies life.

3. Prepare for interviews

We have already told you how to give the interview your best. First, explore the company, which are to be employed. It is necessary to have an idea about the place, which is going to work. Second, remember that you need to shake hands and look people in the eye, which you might have to work. Look at the interview as an opportunity to impress the employer. Everything here depends entirely on you.

4. Learn to communicate clearly and without emotion

When you, for example, asking for a raise, have a clear idea, than you deserve it. You need to clearly convey their thoughts to management and not to show any emotion to understand you extremely properly. Such conversations need to prepare. They suggest a story about the work done by you and about your success, about what you want and why.

5. Demand certainty

Most people want clarity and certainty from their organization. They want to know what the company’s development plan, what is expected from them and what their personal role in the existing plan. The most interesting question: «What will happen when the company, and with it I will succeed — what do I get?» It’s not even just the salary, although it is, of course, means a lot. People need recognition and respect when they do their job really well. Don’t be shy to ask questions about health insurance, vacations, holidays. You need to know what you do and what you get in exchange for their efforts.

6. Decide all questions directly

When a problem arises, it is not necessary to ask in detail about its source and dramatic to look at all of sitting in the office, urging them to justice. To settle a difficult question, talk to that man who is responsible for it. And no emotion. Explain what the problem is and where there are misunderstandings, discuss and think together, a solution can be found for this task. Also always discuss the possible consequences of unsolved problems. Always look for the maximum clarity.

7. Demonstrate ambition

Employers notice them. This is a kind of spark that nothing can confuse. Without ambition one starts nothing ever. Without hard work, however, no one can bring the case to the end, however, ambition is a key quality in a high efficiency and dedication. You need a plan that you follow. When Friday night all rush home, you take your time. Do.

8. Learn to make a final decision

Men do, in principle, should be able to make decisions. It sounded firmly and it has not been disputed. If you decided that we should not hesitate to ask others whether you’re doing. It is reasonable to listen to other people’s suggestions, however, when everything depends on you, any consistent and solid.

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