Heritage – traditions

manygoodtips.com_22.12.2014_WOfi7Jhx3bXB9As you know, all new – well forgotten old. This is evidenced by the expression of the style Heritage.

Heritage (heritage, English). not only clothing style, but a way of life that arose after the crisis of 2008. Money, brands, fashion party retreated into the background, and the main purpose of the guy was to be a real man with a capital letter, despite the difficulties. There is a need in the style that emphasizes power, strength of spirit, wildness of man’s nature. Images gladkovybrityh provided metrosexuals no longer relevant: a man needs to stay stylish and looking like you fell from the deck of a whaling ship.

Skinny pants gave way to a simple and comfortable jeans, branded oxfords and shoes – tough leather work boots, silk shirts – plaid shirts, lumberjacks, and solidly bound sweater. Main style heritage steel things, time-tested, retain the spirit of the past, the basis of which formed the traditions.

manygoodtips.com_22.12.2014_n7i5BYYlp46oRThe birthplace of this style is England, which has always been a trendsetter classic fashion, not pretentious, not noticeable, but a simple, convenient and at the same time elegant. It was in England fashion have always gone hand in hand with tradition. Heritage again breathed life into has almost sunk into oblivion tweed fabric. With the popularity of the style began to grow and the popularity of the tweed, began to appear all new and new variations.

Do not confuse style heritage c vintage or retro if you found grandpa’s pre – war jacket is vintage, if the new thing looks like the same pre-war jacket is retro, but if a new jacket made from the same proven technology, it’s called heritage.


manygoodtips.com_22.12.2014_1PqnWxDJUZMhPAs happens in a crisis, a change of values. In this fast paced society when the dude need to be constantly reminded that he is a man who not only acts, but also appearance, is a need to return to basics, to the days when downed with his hands stool valued not less than the condition when a rough image of the industrious bearded men with calloused hands, was the norm.

However, let’s not forget that adorns this dude. Beard and brutal appearance is of course great, but is not a guarantor of your courage. The main thing is not to fear to do business, make decisions, be faithful to yourself and your family, paying tribute to the past.

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