Her and lies about sexual experience

manygoodtips.com_10.08.2016_c34yISqm3oz6gMy friend, we have long wanted to ask you about one important thing, think of this as a survey, who does not hesitate to emerge in the intimate sphere of your life.

Question only two, namely: 1) how many girls you’ve slept with in your whole life?; 2) how many acts of intercourse do you tell your friends? The numbers that you put in your mind is not too similar to each other, right? In one case you draw 330 ladies on his bed and the other sleeping with the same girl for the last ten years. No, we do not condemn your lies. On the contrary, it seems to us justified in modern conditions of social relationships. Men want to be cool males, girls do not want to be bitches Hami.

The magic number «7»

We won’t go into a Muslim country — it’s all another world, another system of coordinates. There the woman will quickly smashes the face of a watermelon than to get a few sexual partners before marriage. But if you take the European world, including Russia, according to last sociological researches, the acceptable number of sexual partners is equal to seven. This does not mean that you should sleep with seven women at once. We’re talking about episodic moments of your biography. With friends a little differently, but the figure is close to this value. It is interesting in the study was that almost half of the respondents admitted their lies, which they hang on the ears of friends when they ask about sexual experience.

So we thought, what if your friend said that he slept with seven girls, most of all, he’s lying. So.

The General rule

The fact that people lie about their sex lives, few people can surprise, we all know it. But maybe you will be interested to know that when it comes to the art of sexual deception, studies show that men and women are equally lying. Not quite the same, of course, we lie for 10 % more than the girlfriend about such things. But it’s not so catastrophic.

Double standards

2016, and people are still in chains of public approval and condemnation. Women really afraid to get smelly stigma SHL*hee. And I must say, correctly, that I’m afraid, however, shameful for us men, is that it’s the mark we hung all in a row, but this status could change a person’s life. In the end, we see a very strange picture, when girls significantly underestimate the number of their partners, while men, on the contrary, excessively overpriced.

How many is too many?

When it comes to defining the promiscuity of a particular individual, we have the data, unfortunately, only North American countries and Europe. For example, the most liberal on the subject of sex was the French — they consider her the guys who failed more than 16 girls. The Italians and the Dutch are the most conservative, despite the stereotypes. They do not take more than 12 or 11 partners. If you’re surprised such big numbers, then take into account a person’s entire life, not just individual period of time. Don’t know how things are in the Vatican, but say they are more for boys.

The problem of honesty

Honesty is the best policy in relationships, but only if you dream about eternity the title of bachelor. But, understand us correctly, if you were too chaotic life, from the point of view 30% of participants of a sociological experiment, with you it is very dangerous to make any kind of relationship. But if you led a quiet monastic life, only 8% of people will not want to deal with you. Why wouldn’t he? You’re just «not experienced».

Yeah, we don’t like it either, but listen, 48 % of women don’t want to know any details about your sexual experience. They will ask you questions to convince the opposite and say that your past is very important to them, but don’t talk about their ex-girlfriends. A glimpse, but no more. But if your friend suddenly decided to tell you about my experience, remember the magic number seven — the false, the number of social studies.

According to the materials of K. A. Pinkham

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