Hemingwrite typewriter: write like Hemingway

manygoodtips.com_28.11.2014_TarA4Pf74W6MZIf you rely on stereotypes, then the classic look will emerge in your mind when you hear the word «writer»? Probably it will be a man with a tired and knowing look that cuts the silence of the night clattering keys of a typewriter. On his Desk – a Cup of cold coffee or strong Scotch, an ashtray full of cigarette butts, and the table littered with papers. Time goes on, typewriters are obsolete, but the image remained. For example, remember the old days of Hemingway. Want to take his example and try his luck on the fields of the Creator’s words?


Now you no longer need to strive to live as Ernest, in search of inspiration and memorable experience. For those who could not muster the courage to hunt large predators, to fight in the war to rest «savage» in Cuba and to arrange drunken bar fights, modern-typewriter «Hemingwrite» is the perfect tool.


By borrowing elements from the classic cars of the «Hemingwrite» also became a compact PC, but with very narrow functionality. You can only print the text, but you will be able to keep all the materials in the internal module memory, which «remembers» up to several million printed pages of A4 format. The system seamlessly syncs with Evernote and Google Docs.


This gadget is quite compact and lightweight (20 x 25 x 7 cm; 4 kg), it is equipped with a lighting system E-Ink (so you will be able to follow tradition and to work under cover of night), access to cloud services and a powerful battery that will last for a week offline.

And finally: don’t forget to edit the material on a sober head!


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