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Good day to you, buddy, friend, dude and the one who gives sensible and simple tips.

Dude, I’m confused and stuck, I’m 23, and a banal problem of what to do and how to live, I’d hole up in their own understanding of their position in society. I used to think that I’m cool, bartending, entertainment and quick money, plus the Institute – schedule is easy and simple. Then work in the specialty (office) and two days at the bar, 5 days faded out and two days of venting, plus very good money in total for the month. But there’s always an end.

Bar closed and I was left with this huge cockroach, unloved, uninteresting work, if anyone is interested – Engineer VET. The women’s team with girls, and it would be good I am a person who is accustomed to the society of men, whatever it was, but it’s hard to deal with: mood swings and changing demands from him rip my already torn mind…

Well, I moved away from the topic… the Essence of the other. I understand that the building is not mine, well, I’m not a techie, or rather, not an engineer, and like a fish I’m in construction not swim, and it’s not in the experience. It’s the same feeling you get when you slip on a slippery ladder and know exactly what you are now the ass will hurt. Same here, I know it’s not mine. The trouble is that passing the tests for career guidance and conversations with advisors about how to live in Russia is hard, that we need teeth to bite at all and move the food chain up, becoming the master of your life, I realized that I do not know absolutely precisely and accurately, no I don’t get what I want to do. Their requests in the form of cars, big salaries and other baby crap I have to stop and realize that finding yourself in life, I will be able to, but how? I find myself in this life, and where to turn for the right direction or answer?

The answer

Hello, dear reader. On behalf of our editorial Board, I say to you many thanks that you with us. Joining me now our senior editor, our designer, our salespeople, the legendary Ivan Kalyagin through piles of swirling in his head, ideas also sends you a bow. Read us and you will see how life is day by day better.

Now to your question. Will try to make you happy: most of the most interesting people I know still have no idea what to do. And most interesting friend for almost 40 years. However, he drives a decent car, lives in a beautiful apartment and in a whisker does not blow. Husband is engaged in business and argues that, when it comes to inspiration when he was bored, he grabs a new area. And that’s how many years of experience in the business, so claims that there is nothing more casual than business. He knows what he’s talking about. He is by training a pediatrician.

My other friend, not knowing where to go, went off to the actors. After all, a change of masks, each separate image as a separate life, even in a provincial theatre. And while he claims that he is happy.

Do not despair. Fate itself will manage and define your sanctuary. The experience will put everything in its place, and perhaps will open hitherto unseen talent. Harrison Ford was going to be a carpenter, not an actor, mark Knopfler – a journalist, and both were happy in their professions until you’ve stumbled on what you need. So just try, try for the most diverse and unexpected work. Avoid only boring offices, there you will not like. Maybe by 35 you don’t swim in gold like Scrooge McDuck, it happens, but it all depends on your perseverance and hard work. You can make millions doing what he loved, in a very short time. But while you yourself are not found, the Pasha, as the last time. Just sooner or later there comes a time when the fried potatoes I want more than to find his place in this world.

Changing profession, look for yourself, don’t be afraid and try everywhere. It will be if not to whine and to continue the search. In the end, work on unloved work is also useful.

And be sure to define your preferences. They can not be if you are a man, because sometimes, to find his place in life, just enough to take someone else’s chair.

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