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I’m sorry if this question was and I didn’t notice if you don’t answer\do not publish, then I’m not even offended. I don’t want to pour a lot of water, so that water quite a bit.

The other day I realized that I was a terrible egotist and pseudo-altruistic (I help people not because I like to help, but because I feel some satisfaction from all this. They say, look at me, I’m a knight on a white horse). And the worst part of this situation is that I understand, but don’t know how to change.

And here is my question:

How to stop being so bad?


I also have a question for you: «Why do you think you’re so bad?». That all that bad? This is the normal state of man is a terrible egoist. Seriously, we, the editors conferred and came to the conclusion that we are all selfish, maybe even worse than you. Did you ever think how to fix it, and most comfortable in this state and they are not going to change anything.

There are many pens on this. For example, I don’t understand how you can organize something to help the homeless or to arrange a shelter for animals. Yes, I want everyone to be happy, to have all had their home and had something to eat. But it’s not my fault that these people have done nothing for his life and expect handouts from others or that the idiots throw their Pets on the street.

I understand that you cannot help everyone and that nobody will. In the best case it will take for granted and even start to bark and demand more. The behavior and impact of the needy people are forced to be selfish. If you find it hard to accept their selfishness and you’re trying to justify yourself, tell yourself things from the series: «not we such, life such».

You say you help people, just because buzz from the fact that I feel some Superman. And there is nothing wrong. If you have the opportunity to help people and you can easily do it, then who cares what you are feeling. The important thing is that you’re not left behind and demands will be grateful to you.

Most people who do charity work, not doing it for the love of children or the sick. They don’t care about who asks for their help. They think that now they’ll fall behind in tax and what they are knights.

What you are trying to solve this «problem», suggests that you’re not selfish. Selfish wouldn’t even notice, he would have lived for himself and enjoyed his arrogance. If you were a pseudo-altvista, you would have pretended to help and actually did everything for their own benefit. If you didn’t mention about this. If you do that it sucks and mean. In the meantime, you’re acting like a normal guy. As an ordinary man, a little selfish, and to some extent altruistic.

Not putting yourself down. Apparently you haven’t met this kind of selfish that I want shovel to punch in the face. For example, you’re not going to work for free, vpahivat eight hours a day for «thanks». You want to get a fair salary. And goodness, you get your «salary» in the form of self-gratification.

Just do what you like to do. We have imposed some sort of system of values and people do not understand what is good and what is bad. I think I need to do what you pleased. Within reason of course. It’s not for people who like to kill and to engage in other improper conduct.

Ask your question wording

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