Hell’s wheel of everyday life

We are all in some infernal wheel, spinning, spinning, spinning, but nothing changes. A vicious circle, which we gladly accepted as the norm of life. And it doesn’t bother us, really. Rather, it makes life easier. We have some vents in the form of a Friday evening with friends, random events that turn into «crazy stories of the past.» Everyone can tell a story, and you nearly cut my finger off in a drunken stupor, ran up on Gopnik and bled shopping centre. Since then, the index finger of the right hand feels nothing, and you have a drinking story for all occasions. But that’s all your adventures end, and in the foreground the mother-a routine that keeps you stuck exactly at that level where you can still breathe.You say that everything depends on attitude to life. If you dig in the muck, you’ll see one shit if digging in the flowers – some flowers. So. Not all necessary and most colorful and active life, which we sooner or later start to dream. Not enough people taking a fortnight’s holiday on the dream, not enough country on this dream. Besides, on the approach of the family and children. How exactly are we to think about some colorful life? Meanwhile, your eyes calluses numerous stories of people who somehow live by different rules. As they come in, we will never be able to learn but because their life is not a myth, they exist. Today in Guatemala, in Cuba tomorrow, the day after tomorrow in Australia. What prevents us to live the same way? Someone will say: opportunities, money, family, weakness.

To be fair, it hinders all at once, and mainly yourself. Yes, you are. In your life there is everything, than is famous for the movie «Groundhog Day» with bill Murray. We don’t teach how to live, because you do not really have the perfect option, but we see that merge with each other days make up the majority of human life. Remain some minutes, even seconds that sink forever where you were really happy, really feel strong feelings of sadness or fear. The rest is an imitation of seconds, which is repeated every day.

You know what really terrifies me? When he was still alive, my grandfather, every time I came to visit him, he told the same story, which never varied. He had a busy life in his youth, but then he settled in one place and, if I may say so, took roots, which sooner or later began to rot and get infected. His life reminds me of something the life of Hemingway, only without the writing ability. Service, travel, inventions, some politics and struggle that others had it easier. That’s kind of all rich and cool, but in the end we all have one.

However, it is this makes us think that our business is not so. Life is finite, and thus that one can hardly distinguish one day from another, adversely. And the farther, the more all this stereotyped: stereotyped thinking and stereotyped choice of food, stereotyped, recreation and choice of music. It is foolish to say that life before was intense, it all depends on how we’re increasingly convinced, from my own decisions. It is a sincere decision, not possibilities. Find every day something new, spending time not like yesterday – it’s a big benefit. Such gathers a lot to you of these precious moments that will last forever (well, until you fall into senile marasmus).

Even in the primitive household level routine makes you dead ahead of time. For example, how can you listen to the same music every day, if the world is full of talented musicians who are recording a new album every minute? As can be months to cook the same food or watch the same show? The world is full of horror, and beautiful – a veritable smorgasbord for people of varying degrees of depravity. But most don’t even want to look at this table.

It seems that we live in a poorly written sitcom, which is coming 2015 season and did not change. Even the jokes, and they lost the original charm. Laugh just for the reason it’s so accepted. If you press the button for the laugh track. We’re not talking about breadth of views, ability to take the place of those whom we hate, less desire to improve and an increasing desire to become blunt.

But is it good to live in such a system? So, she organizes your life, it is a guarantee of order and tranquility for many people. You’re not doing anything «wild» and «inadmissible», but happiness from this order no.

Why do we all describe when they themselves don’t know what to do? Perhaps, to you, like a slug sprinkled with salt, started to move and made my life better. This here is a good, uncontested farewell to all readers manygoodtips.com.

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