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Stop.com.ru_1.10.2014_vzxNc6Ko9gkjbDon’t tell me you don’t know this guy! It’s the iconic British chef of Scottish origin. You should have been at least once to see his own program «the Horrors in the kitchen,» where Gordon is in tatters carries unprofitable institution, and then builds something unique with a brand new menu. Now it is not, the non-profit cafe, and a prestigious family restaurant. About the way it happens.

Yes, Gordon, there was a show watching people from all over the world, but most importantly, he remains the current chef and he has many of his own restaurants. Chef Ramsay also known as the first Scot awarded three Michelin stars. The Michelin guide (also referred to as the «Red guide») is the most famous and influential restaurant ratings at the moment. The guide is available from 1900 and has a three-star rating restaurants. Now you know who you are dealing with?

A little about this guide. It is a list of various places that could be useful to the traveler: hotels, repair shops, eateries or paid car parks. The dictionary has its own rating system. The highest of them in relation to restaurants means: «Great job chef, it makes sense to go on a separate trip here.»

manygoodtips.com_1.10.2014_4YneVBoCIQT3YYou will be surprised, but Ramsay isn’t always dreamed of becoming a chef. In your distant and carefree childhood he wasn’t even thinking about such prospects. Little Gordon drove the ball on the football field and in his head flashed only numbers the coveted final account. As you already know, Ramsay is not destined to link their fate with the football. And in 15 years he gave up sports and went to school.

After graduation, Gordon began to think about where to do it. At age 19 he decides to go to College to study management of hotels and restaurants. We can say that it was a spontaneous and rash decision. At that moment, Ramsay couldn’t even imagine what kind of prospects can I expect in a few years. Nevertheless, he has chosen the way with which it was impossible to return.

Gordon became more and more involved in the cooking. After College, he moves to London and gets his first job at the prestigious restaurant «Harvey’s» under the famed Marco Pierre white. Soon it becomes clear that it’s time to move on, and two years later, Ramsay goes to the famous «Le Gavroche», the first three-star restaurant in the UK (at the moment is devoid of the third star), where the improving of the skills of classic French cuisine have a hereditary chef albert Roux.

A year Ru decides to leave «Le Gavroche» and asks Gordon to a «Hotel Diva», the new fashionable resort restaurant in the French Alps. After a while Ramsay moved to Paris, where he works with famous chefs like guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon for 3 years. Upon completion of training, Gordon gets an offer to work as a chef on a private yacht. Of course, Gordon could not resist and launched into a long professional swimming.

manygoodtips.com_1.10.2014_jiĝ6q1n3c88aAfter a year of «sailing» vacation in Bermuda Ramsay returned to London and gets the chef at «La Tante Claire». However, soon received an invitation from his former mentor, albert Roux to take the place of the chief in «Aubergine». Gordon takes up a new job and within four years raises the rating of the restaurant to two Michelin stars, which we told you earlier. But due to disagreements with the other owners (at the time Ramsay owned a 25% stake in the restaurant) he leaves «Aubergine», along with it goes the wait staff and the kitchen in full force.

According to Gordon, the decision was one of the most difficult in his career, however, it was the birth of Ramsay as an entrepreneur. Subsequently, it was filed in the amount of one million pounds sterling for damages, as the restaurant was forced to close for three months in the absence of staff. The lawsuit was settled out of court, but details were not disclosed.

At the moment in possession of Ramsay’s 12 best restaurants, book a table where you can on his official website. Gordon managed to win the title acclaimed chef and so he easily manages to open just two popular shows — «kitchen Nightmares» and «Hell’s kitchen».

«Kitchen nightmares». About this show we wrote in the beginning of the article. The essence of television plot: Gordon goes to a restaurant that has one foot in the pit of financial collapse. The task of Ramsay is that he is in a period of weeks to identify the causes of chaos and to solve the stalemate.

«Hell’s kitchen». In this show you can see competition between the chefs who are fighting for the right to become a chef in a famous restaurant. You waiting for hell passions and contemplation of amazing culinary delights.

As you have noticed, Ramsay was not only as a great chef, but also as an eccentric TV presenter. I suggest you to review all the seasons of the cult TV show, they just lift your mood.


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