Hello, police? I have a terrible prostitute!

prostitute0137588591Mankind are morons, so we want to call each release «Events», which we published on our site, but we are constrained and each time come up with a new name.

An ordinary day in an ordinary British town. Rather it is evening and dark. Call in a call center of Birmingham threw all employees in a light shock. Unknown dude furiously arguing that his consumer rights are violated, because the prostitute that he caused himself on the night was… to put it Mildly, not as the heroine of the film «Pretty woman.»

After the prostitutes arrived on the scene, the guy’s a little prifigel, because it does not correspond to the description. The situation was complicated by the fact that the girl is undressed, and there seems to be was even worse. Offended moth disappeared, forgetting our hero undies, and the man began to call the police under the pretext that the girl should be arrested, because it introduces a fair dudes misleading. Besides, the guy accused prostitute in «commodity information falsification». That must be frustrating.

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