Helix headphones in the bracelet

manygoodtips.com_23.07.2015_dg1wWkWOeauZQYou will definitely be disappointed in a few things: in love, in life, in his native country, in women and in the headphones. Not cool, elegant nodes do not knit, and still have to unravel. Easier to find a teenager with his opinion, than to unravel the subtle threads of stereostructure. And here’s some office Helix, it would seem, has come up with a way to solve the problem eternally tangled earphones. In fact, they just mixed the shit and sugar. The result of this mixture? That’s it! But let’s take a closer look at.

As already mentioned, the main problem of earphone is that they are confused. There are two: they are lost, they are not always convenient to carry. The creators of this «miracle of technology» trying to convince us naive buyers, that in one fell swoop solved both problems. In fact, Helix just has a stylish, but rather bulky bracelet. It is in him, according to the creators, need to hide headphones. Promise that the bracelet will not break especially during active movements (in the best sense of the word).


By the way, the arm bracelet is not only due to its shape, but also due to the magnets, which fix the two parts together. As for the technical side of the issue, the frequency range is stated at 50-20 000 Hz. The impedance is 32 Ohms. Source headset is paired via Bluetooth 4.1. But the battery life is obviously a minor side of the Helix, as it is only 3 hours, which is too little if you use the device for listening to music and so in the first turn and positioned his creation developers. This looks even more strange on the background of the creators of statistics, according to which the majority of people use headphones for about four hours a day.

And now the most amazing thing in this whole story. As it is now fashionable gadget exposed on Kikstarter. And I must say that my guys are very bad, they collect the necessary 100000 very slow and barely scraped together half. But before the end of the collection means quite a few days. And it is clear why no one needs these headphones – they cost $200! 200 fucking dollars! No, if you send money right now, then get them for a «paltry» $100. This is despite the fact that you can buy just a great headset for $30, and it’s likely the sound will be better than Helix. So if this project gets the necessary sum and will be in demand for the whole team manygoodtips.com to purchase this marvel of technology and will write laudatory articles on the glory of the Helix every day and, most importantly, it is not free.

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