Heisenberg is back!


Surely you watched the show «breaking bad», but if not look, look necessarily, it’s worth it. It seems that the main hero finished the series returned to the streets of the city, or rather, returned to what has made our hero so cool and turned a simple school teacher in one of the best anti-heroes of recent times. … Blue crystal meth.

Unfortunately, it seems that local huckster just mow under the great Walter white. Matt is not pure, only 80 percent and the unusual color makes it harmful, by the way, dye. However, you need to take care of the health of those it burns?

Experts fear that the popularity of the show may involve the use of new product of weak minded people that are easily influenced. It is dangerous for those who genuinely like the show «breaking bad», as if the show was banned, and its creators will be fined, it will be bad!


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