Heaven on earth, or Austrian beer pools


If you seriously think what is not clear, for me personally, the reason that heaven on earth is Disneyland, I urgently advise you to grow up. For Mature men I found a new Paradise on earth is located in Austria. What makes it so amazing? The happiest place in the world is located in the Austrian castle that I, as a lover of the middle ages, scary like. In this castle there is a private brewery, which in addition to the obvious of their services and products offers… the pool is heated with warm beer. The place is called Strakenberger exactly how to read, don’t know. In seven small pools, 300 meters long each, take a dip in the heated beer, beer from the assortment and just have a good time

Drink beer from the pool, by the way, is not recommended. It seems to me that this beer is obviously the most cheesy and cheap, according to the Austrian concepts, therefore, it is allowed to swim. In any case, it’s better than any of those beer drinks that are on the shelves of local stores.

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