Hearty grilled cheese sandwich

Work.kom.ua_7.08.2014_wc0YvFdKLGl46It’s not really a recipe, rather, we want to give you a few tips to offer several variations of cooking and so are all famous snacks. We’ll tell you how to cook super-sauces for toast, that will turn any poor sandwich in edible.

Tip: don’t skimp on the oil. You’re not anorexic woman who is afraid to add extra grams of fat to their bones. If you don’t want your grilled cheese turned out to taste like warm chalk and cardboard, then go to the store for a new bottle of oil.


Sandwich only for men

  • Bread – what you want
  • Cheese grated – Parmesan will do
  • Sliced ham
  • Mushrooms – champignons grab
  • 1 head of garlic
  • Avocado
  • Tomato
  • Onion cut into thin rings, red
  • Olive oil
  • Mustard
  • Butter

For pesto

  • 2 cloves roasted garlic
  • 1 bunch fresh Basil
  • A handful of pine nuts

For seasoning chutneys

  • 10-12 ripe figs
  • 1 Apple thinly sliced
  • ½ Cup brown sugar
  • 3 cups dry red wine
  • ½ Cup red wine vinegar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • Pinch of cloves
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Salt


Fry the garlic. Slice a whole head of garlic and season with salt, pepper and 3 tablespoons oil. Wrap the garlic in foil and bake in the oven at 150-200 degrees for 25 minutes.

Prepare the ingredients for the sandwich. Saute onions and mushrooms in butter with salt, pepper and honey (optional but tasty). Slice avocado and roast ham.


To make the butter with roasted garlic, mix the garlic, Basil, walnuts, black pepper and salt. Heat this mixture until it becomes pasty. RUB this oil on both sides of the bread, add all the ingredients to the sandwich, and then put it all in the preheated oven until the cheese is completely melted.

Now combo


Chutneys, caramelised onions and oil from the roasted/baked garlic, cheese fried in butter, ham, vegetables and all this between two slices of bread.

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