Heading The Top 10. Unusual milkshakes. Try it, friend.

The taste and color of comrades there. Some guys, for example drink kokteylchik that is so funny.

For those who like warm and bold cocktails, this cocktail with the taste of bacon. It was invented by network «Jack In The Box» in the United States, served with bacon Thorens syrup (Torani) and slices of bacon.

Speaking of weird tastes, not to mention the milkshake, fried Buffalo wings (Buffalo ).

When it comes to unusual things and oddities, Japan will never fail. This cocktail with the taste of pancakes, sweetened with syrup. It can also be heated.

But the cocktail, which could have only an ardent fan of McDonald’s, and that is not every: Managemeni (The McNuggetini). Chocolate milkshake mixed with vanilla vodka pour into a Martini glass whose edge is covered with barbecue sauce, and decorated with one novetta chicken (McNugget).

Milk cocktail with the taste of sweet potatoes.

Cocktails pies. Just choose Your favorite cake and ice cream flavor.

Caramel corn in drink sounds a little strange, but they say that he is unforgettably delicious.

Milkshakes with avocado is very popular in Asia and South America.

Milkshakes with a taste of pumpkin pie.

Milkshakes flavored Beer.

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