Hayao Miyazaki is the one who increases the amount of good in the world

manygoodtips.com_20.02.2014_VnVcekS5PA5FvCartoons Miyazaki like a very large number of people, provided of course that they know it’s his cartoons and even watched anything. They like prihlasenim the women, harsh dudes in the gym, programmers, geeks, anime, young mothers, children and representatives of almost every social group. Many guys who believe that all anime is perverted shit, specially called cartoons not anime Miyazaki and say that they like them. The reality is that the cartoons Miyazaki is anime, it’s just an example of a good anime that is not always a battle of the samurai, giant robots and giant Boobs. Anime is quite a lot of good things, funny, interesting, sad — just as in many sectors of the culture, the anime is mediocre things and certain clichés that spoil the reputation of the genre as a whole.

The most amazing cartoons Miyazaki is that they manage to be like Western people, despite the fact that they are aimed exclusively at the Japanese. Japanese culture is very specific, historical Parallels and folklore flashed in the frame so much that words can not convey. Thus the viewer entranced with his frankly beautiful, instructive picture, does not understand what is this black stuff that runs in the movie «My neighbor Totoro»? In fact, it is the spirits of abandoned houses and soot susuwatari, which girls chased with the words: «Come, Blackie, otherwise we will flash your eyes!»

Especially for the release of the last film of the master, who had gone to bed, we write this article, which is imbued with enormous love and respect.

Hayao Miyazaki was born in difficult times for lost the Second world war Japan’s war years. To tell you the truth, he was never a particularly needy boy — his family owned an aircraft factory. Perhaps for this reason, Hayao loved to draw all sorts of futuristic airships, and his last job on the construction of giant flying pieces. Miyazaki often drew planes, tools and everything seen in the hangars of the factory, he turned out pretty good. Then the child did not know that can be an animator.

The widespread selling first comic book (manga) by Hayao forced to learn to draw people and anything other than a futuristic aircraft and mechanisms. The first color Japanese cartoon «Hakujaden» («the Tale of the white serpent») made Miyazaki so bad to think about the future. Hayao said in an interview that after this film he decided to become an animator. And he backed the right horse. But for some reason still went to Tokyo University to study political science and Economics. Probably, it somehow fit in with the cool ability to paint? But in parallel, Miyazaki actively studied the culture, folklore, children’s stories of Japan and different Nations of the world. In fact, it is clear that Miyazaki didn’t want to seem ignorant in front of their parents young men and to cover their shame by refusing to study in a good University. But after University, he still went to draw, because the guy had a dream. Meanwhile, Hiro Onoda was sitting in the dugout.

Most interesting is that Miyazaki without professional education was taken in fine drawing Studio, taught him the basics and gave to draw the intermediate frames, which are not so important, there are schools or not. Perhaps that is why drawing cartoons Miyazaki still like the old drawing of anime, sort of a old school.

Miyazaki pretty quickly made useful contacts with people who love their job. His wife, whom he met right after he started to draw cartoons, was an artist-an animator, participated in many projects of her husband, but still more engaged in his education of the two sons. At the same time, Miyazaki met the famous Isao Takahata. After a while they make a joint project «Taiyou no Ouji: Horusu no Daibouken» which was very similar to the future projects Miyazaki in that it’s a boy fought with the evil. Acute social themes are also available, let alone without them!

Career of our hero walked up the hill, he drew in the comics, TV series, feature films that held future themes against war, violence, post-apocalyptic notes, strong female protagonist and a huge number of references to folklore of Japan. Along the way, he makes quite a famous manga, which in the future will be lifted good cartoon. It’s «Nausicaä of the Valley of the wind», which so desperately was pokazana scissors of Americans in silly Disney fairy tale. This case is made Miyazaki is very diligent to treat the localization of their operations in different countries. By the way, the cartoon Miyazaki brought a lot of fame, and he and his comrades are seriously thinking about creating your own animation Studio, which he did. So was born the Studio «Ghibli». Japanese translates as «gentle wind». And there is a German plane.


After «Nausicaa» Miyazaki released the cartoon «castle in the sky», which gained popularity and was in fact a typical film of the wizard. But the next work, «My neighbor Totoro» makes even tough guys shed tears of emotion. What the hell pony? Miyazaki taxis. Story about children who meet with the forest spirits and… cats-buses (perhaps this is also the spirit), despite its simplicity, stunning and touching. And should be shown to all children on earth to increase the degree of kindness. Totoro, a huge spirit of the forest, like a cat, an owl and a bear became the symbol of the Studio.

«Witch’s delivery service» with some kind of unknown reason should be typical devochkoy cartoon, but I know many quite a grown-up dudes who tenderly handed the disc with the movie to each other in the harsh nineties, when the Internet was on the cards, and anime in the country was not almost. And not be shy! All of a sudden comes old enough openly anti-fascist film «Porco Rosso» about the flying pigs. The film I watched, but they say very, very good.


Probably the most love my movie is «Princess Mononoke». It’s a pretty adult movie that raises in principle the same topics, and each work of Miyazaki, but does it a little differently. I like Japanese culture, I like enjoyed the film, despite the fact that the ideas and techniques in Miyazaki repeated from history to history: against war, against destruction of nature, the resolute little girl, spirits and strange entities. Hell, well I love this cartoon.

A well-deserved «Oscar» brought Miyazaki movie «spirited away». It has become the most profitable in the history of anime and made the whole world to love Miyazaki. Dammit, now Hayao know even Housewives, and it is that glory, which is not every Creator. After there were less famous, but still loved by many «moving castle» and «Ponyo on the cliff». Last, I think the best work and generally quite a strange cartoon.

What can you even say about Miyazaki? It’s not just my opinion, but many, many people: he is a genius of animation. His cartoons bring good and frankly like all people, and it tells you the person who does not believe in the concept of good and evil. I’m just watching the anime, Hayao and I know this is good, it’s hard to describe it better. Despite the fact that Miyazaki is a genius, his dislike of many representatives of Japanese animation, considering it a kind of Mikhalkov from the world of anime. While Hayao is also holding their shit. Sorry to know that so many wonderful works had not been filmed Miyazaki, for example, «Tales from Earthsea» by Ursula Le GUIN, who refused to Miyazaki the movie rights to in fairly harsh tones when he was not so popular. After «spirited away», of course, she came around and she went to contact, but the adaptation took Hayao son Goro. Astrid Lindgren has simply refused to do the film adaptation of «Pippi Longstocking». What a pity!

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